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    Systems of MDS codes from units and idempotents

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    Algebraic systems are constructed from which series of maximum distance separable (mds) codes are derived. The methods use unit and idempotent schemes

    Poetry in residence

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    Look back in wonder : how the endings of short stories can be their most powerful and effective distinguishing features

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    Drawing on her experiences as a writer and teacher of short fiction, the author offers an interrogation of the defining qualities of short stories, with a particular focus on how the ending of a narrative can be one of the most useful ways of teasing out generic differences between short fic-tion and other prose forms. A survey of critical and writerly opinion leads into a practical demon-stration of how endings work, with detailed reference to James Joyce’s Dubliners. The essay concludes by suggesting ways in which Dubliners prefigures the composite novels and story cy-cles that are prominent features of contemporary practice