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    ‘On different levels ourselves went forward’ : pageantry, class politics and narrative form in Virginia Woolf’s late writing

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    This essay focuses on questions of class, politics and narrative form in Virginia Woolf’s late writing, in particular her posthumously published novel, Between the Acts. The novel is frequently discussed by critics in relation to the Second World War; this essay pushes an overlapping but critically overlooked context into view. It reads the text in the light of late 1930s leftist cultural production, particularly those discourses about national history and cultural traditions that loomed large during the popular front period. The essay argues that Woolf’s last novel is the conflicted location of a search for a more inclusive narrative form

    The hiv stigma: duty or defence?

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    Abstract: This article will outline and analyse the current stance of English criminal law regarding the transmission of HIV. The issues that surround consent, particularly in circumstances involving HIV, will be examined in conjunction with the defence of ‘reasonable precautions’ with a particular focus on condom use and antiretroviral therapy. Attention will be paid to the contribution of case law and the various circumstances which may fall within this realm in order to gain insight into the social and personal difficulties that the virus presents both infected and uninfected parties. The paternalistic nature of the current legal approach to HIV sufferers will be critiqued and finger-pointing at vulnerable infected parties will be analysed, with a view to exploring alternative possibilities which value dignity and equality over self-preservation

    Marketing applications: from Angry Birds to happy marketers

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    This marketing teaching case is focussed on the rapidly emergent industry associated with Apps for mobile devices. After setting the context in respect of the awe-inspiring numbers associated with these markets the case is made that innovative marketing is happening across all parts of the basic marketing framework – the 4Ps. The case presents many specific examples of marketing related decision making and outcomes, focussing on games-Apps such as Rovio’s best-selling Angry Birds game


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    Shallow defects in semiconductors are of major importance, both scientifically and technologically. These include donors, acceptors, isoelectronic impurities and various clusters, and may involve trapped carriers or bound excitons. Hopfield provided the key to understanding the more complicated defects by stressing their relation to atomic and molecular systems. The authors have developed a general computer program, SEMELE to exploit this relation further. SEMELE provides a systematic and straightforward way of performing self-consistent calculations on shallow defects and is particularly suited to donor-acceptor pair and related systems. The main assumptions are discussed, together with the various ways of treating central-cell corrections. Results are given for excitons bound to neutral donors in GaP

    Revisiting Economic Growth in Colombia: A Microeconomic Perspective

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    This paper revisits economic growth in Colombia using the growth diagnostics methodology proposed by Hausmann, Rodrik and Velasco (2005), to identify the most binding constraints for economic growth and the policies that, if implemented, can have the largest positive impact. To rank public policy priorities the HRV (2005) methodological approach is complemented with an econometric analysis of micro-data, aimed at exploring the impact that the various potential constraints to growth have had on firm-level investment decisions. The data shows economic reactivation in areas with falling violence. Results from analysis at the microeconomic level, however, give a particular spin to this conclusion by showing that investment decisions at the firm level are also explained by the restoration of some form of public order connected to the cessation of paramilitary violence and not only by the reduction of violence. From a public policy perspective, perhaps the most relevant result is the confirmation that in Colombia investment decisions are negatively affected by the cost of financing. Empirical results, robust across model specifications, single out the provision of access to financing at fair prices as a policy priority for economic growth, relevant across country regions and independent of whether uncertainties from poor protection to property rights are resolved.