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    Proof of the Hyperplane Zeros Conjecture of Lagarias and Wang

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    We prove that a real analytic subset of a torus group that is contained in its image under an expanding endomorphism is a finite union of translates of closed subgroups. This confirms the hyperplane zeros conjecture of Lagarias and Wang for real analytic varieties. Our proof uses real analytic geometry, topological dynamics and Fourier analysis.Comment: 25 page

    Singular projective varieties and quantization

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    By the quantization condition compact quantizable Kaehler manifolds can be embedded into projective space. In this way they become projective varieties. The quantum Hilbert space of the Berezin-Toeplitz quantization (and of the geometric quantization) is the projective coordinate ring of the embedded manifold. This allows for generalization to the case of singular varieties. The set-up is explained in the first part of the contribution. The second part of the contribution is of tutorial nature. Necessary notions, concepts, and results of algebraic geometry appearing in this approach to quantization are explained. In particular, the notions of projective varieties, embeddings, singularities, and quotients appearing in geometric invariant theory are recalled.Comment: 21 pages, 3 figure

    Connectivity and a Problem of Formal Geometry

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    Let P=Pm(e)×Pn(h)P=\mathbb P^m(e)\times\mathbb P^n(h) be a product of weighted projective spaces, and let ΔP\Delta_P be the diagonal of P×PP\times P. We prove an algebraization result for formal-rational functions on certain closed subvarieties XX of P×PP\times P along the intersection XΔPX\cap\Delta_P.Comment: 9 pages, to appear in the Proceedings volume "Experimental and Theoretical Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Topology", series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistic

    Approximate Hermitian-Yang-Mills structures and semistability for Higgs bundles. II: Higgs sheaves and admissible structures

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    We study the basic properties of Higgs sheaves over compact K\"ahler manifolds and we establish some results concerning the notion of semistability; in particular, we show that any extension of semistable Higgs sheaves with equal slopes is semistable. Then, we use the flattening theorem to construct a regularization of any torsion-free Higgs sheaf and we show that it is in fact a Higgs bundle. Using this, we prove that any Hermitian metric on a regularization of a torsion-free Higgs sheaf induces an admissible structure on the Higgs sheaf. Finally, using admissible structures we proved some properties of semistable Higgs sheaves.Comment: 18 pages; some typos correcte

    Bergman kernel and complex singularity exponent

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    We give a precise estimate of the Bergman kernel for the model domain defined by ΩF={(z,w)Cn+1:ImwF(z)2>0},\Omega_F=\{(z,w)\in \mathbb{C}^{n+1}:{\rm Im}w-|F(z)|^2>0\}, where F=(f1,...,fm)F=(f_1,...,f_m) is a holomorphic map from Cn\mathbb{C}^n to Cm\mathbb{C}^m, in terms of the complex singularity exponent of FF.Comment: to appear in Science in China, a special issue dedicated to Professor Zhong Tongde's 80th birthda

    Exact Lagrangian submanifolds in simply-connected cotangent bundles

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    We consider exact Lagrangian submanifolds in cotangent bundles. Under certain additional restrictions (triviality of the fundamental group of the cotangent bundle, and of the Maslov class and second Stiefel-Whitney class of the Lagrangian submanifold) we prove such submanifolds are Floer-cohomologically indistinguishable from the zero-section. This implies strong restrictions on their topology. An essentially equivalent result was recently proved independently by Nadler, using a different approach.Comment: 28 pages, 3 figures. Version 2 -- derivation and discussion of the spectral sequence considerably expanded. Other minor change

    Analytic curves in algebraic varieties over number fields

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    We establish algebraicity criteria for formal germs of curves in algebraic varieties over number fields and apply them to derive a rationality criterion for formal germs of functions, which extends the classical rationality theorems of Borel-Dwork and P\'olya-Bertrandias valid over the projective line to arbitrary algebraic curves over a number field. The formulation and the proof of these criteria involve some basic notions in Arakelov geometry, combined with complex and rigid analytic geometry (notably, potential theory over complex and pp-adic curves). We also discuss geometric analogues, pertaining to the algebraic geometry of projective surfaces, of these arithmetic criteria.Comment: 55 pages. To appear in "Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry: In Honor of Y.i. Manin", Y. Tschinkel & Yu. Manin editors, Birkh\"auser, 200

    Characterizing normal crossing hypersurfaces

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    The objective of this article is to give an effective algebraic characterization of normal crossing hypersurfaces in complex manifolds. It is shown that a hypersurface has normal crossings if and only if it is a free divisor, has a radical Jacobian ideal and a smooth normalization. Using K. Saito's theory of free divisors, also a characterization in terms of logarithmic differential forms and vector fields is found and and finally another one in terms of the logarithmic residue using recent results of M. Granger and M. Schulze.Comment: v2: typos fixed, final version to appear in Math. Ann.; 24 pages, 2 figure