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    MHV Gluon Scattering Amplitudes from Celestial Current Algebras

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    We show that the Mellin transform of an nn-point tree level MHV gluon scattering amplitude, also known as the celestial amplitude in pure Yang-Mills theory, satisfies a system of (nβˆ’2)(n-2) linear first order partial differential equations corresponding to (nβˆ’2)(n-2) positive helicity gluons. Although these equations closely resemble Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations for SU(N)SU(N) current algebra there is also an additional "correction" term coming from the subleading soft gluon current algebra. These equations can be used to compute the leading term in the gluon-gluon OPE on the celestial sphere. Similar equations can also be written down for the momentum space tree level MHV scattering amplitudes. We also propose a way to deal with the non closure of subleading current algebra generators under commutation. This is then used to compute some subleading terms in the mixed helicity gluon OPE and our results match with those obtained from an explicit calculation using the Mellin MHV amplitude.Comment: 26+23 Pages, Latex, Typo corrected, Some discussions on subleading soft gluon symmetry is changed, Results unchange
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