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    Hadronization of Dense Partonic Matter

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    The parton recombination model has turned out to be a valuable tool to describe hadronization in high energy heavy ion collisions. I review the model and revisit recent progress in our understanding of hadron correlations. I also discuss higher Fock states in the hadrons, possible violations of the elliptic flow scaling and recombination effects in more dilute systems.Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures; plenary talk delivered at SQM 2006, to appear in J. Phys.

    Compression of Morbidity: In Retrospect and in Prospect

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    By postponing the age at which chronic infirmity begins,disability and morbidity could be compressed into a shorter period of the average human life span, resulting in a society in which the active and vital years of life would increase in length, the disabilities and frailties of ageing would be postponed,and the total amount of lifetime disability and morbidity would decrease
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