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    One-loop Electroweak and QCD corrections to vector boson scattering into top pairs and application to ILC

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    We calculate the electroweak and QCD corrections to W-W+ -> tt and ZZ -> tt. We also consider the interplay of these corrections with the effect of anomalous interactions that affect the massive weak bosons and the top. The results at the VV level fusion are convoluted with the help of the effective vector boson approximation to give predictions for a high energy e+e- collider.Comment: 19 pages, 27 figure

    ILC Operating Scenarios

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    The ILC Technical Design Report documents the design for the construction of a linear collider which can be operated at energies up to 500 GeV. This report summarizes the outcome of a study of possible running scenarios, including a realistic estimate of the real time accumulation of integrated luminosity based on ramp-up and upgrade processes. The evolution of the physics outcomes is emphasized, including running initially at 500 GeV, then at 350 GeV and 250 GeV. The running scenarios have been chosen to optimize the Higgs precision measurements and top physics while searching for evidence for signals beyond the standard model, including dark matter. In addition to the certain precision physics on the Higgs and top that is the main focus of this study, there are scientific motivations that indicate the possibility for discoveries of new particles in the upcoming operations of the LHC or the early operation of the ILC. Follow-up studies of such discoveries could alter the plan for the centre-of-mass collision energy of the ILC and expand the scientific impact of the ILC physics program. It is envisioned that a decision on a possible energy upgrade would be taken near the end of the twenty year period considered in this report

    Study of V_LV_L to t tbar at the ILC Including O(alpha_s) QCD Corrections

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    In the event that the Higgs mass is large or that the electroweak interactions are strongly interacting at high energy, top quark couplings to longitudinal components of the weak gauge bosons could offer important clues to the underlying dynamics. It has been suggested that precision measurements of W_L W_L to t tbar and Z_L Z_L to t tbar might provide hints of new physics. In this paper we present results of O(alpha_s) QCD corrections to V_LV_L to t tbar scattering at the ILC. We find that corrections to cross sections can be as large as 30% and must be accounted for in any precision measurement of VV to t tbar.Comment: 8 pages, 8 figures, Minor changes in wording. uses Revtex

    Electroweak corrections to Higgs production through ZZ fusion at the linear collider

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    We present the full order alpha electroweak radiative corrections to e+e- -> e+e-H. The computation is performed with the help of GRACE-loop. The extraction of the full QED corrections is performed, these are quite large at threshold. The genuine weak corrections, for the linear collider energies, when expressed in the G_mu scheme are of order -2 to -4 for Higgs masses preferred by the latest precision data. We also extract the m_t^2 type corrections and make a comparison with the weak corrections for the process e+e- ->nu nu H.Comment: 16 pages and 6 figure

    Rompimiento de la Simetria Electrodebil y la Fisica del Higgs: Conceptos Basicos

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    Presentamos una introduccion a los conceptos basicos del rompimiento de la simetria electrodebil y la fisica del Higgs dentro del Modelo Estandar y sus extensiones supersimetricas. Se presenta tambien una breve perspectiva general de mecanismos alternativos del rompimiento de la simetria. Ademas de las bases teoricas, se discute el estado actual de la fisica experimental del Higgs y sus implicaciones para futuros experimentos en el LHC y en colisionadores lineales e+e-.Comment: Spanish text, including full English translation. Published in the Proceedings of the XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexic
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