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    Bianchi type-II cosmological model: some remarks

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    Within the framework of Bianchi type-II (BII) cosmological model the behavior of matter distribution has been considered. It is shown that the non-zero off-diagonal component of Einstein tensor implies some severe restriction on the choice of matter distribution. In particular for a locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type-II (LRS BII) space-time it is proved that the matter distribution should be strictly isotropic if the corresponding matter field possesses only non-zero diagonal components of the energy-momentum tensor.Comment: 3 page

    Assessing the Quality of a Software Service at the Time of Project Development by Identifying its Reputation

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    At the time of integration of the software while developing a project the reputation and the quality of execution is tough to identify and which is very risky. As the software industry is introduced with a new type of service delivery model known as SaaS(Software as a service),the problem has increased a lot . Existing system be inclined to rely on rating from customer to experiences of past service which may create major issues in terms of subjectivity and rating unfairness. Few previous works have been considered quality and reputation for selection of services bur none have done service rating process through automation. We proposed an automated quality and reputation framework for rating and selecting a service. In this paper the management of risk has been formulated in context of development of the project using third party software service components and credibility is calculated by a measured reputation system

    Estimation of Economic Returns to Soil and Water Conservation Research – An Ex Ante Analysis

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    The economic returns to investment made in soil and water conservation research have been analyzed. Technologies such as conservation furrow, residue incorporation have been found to be economically viable under farmers’ conditions. The study has covered four locations, viz. Agra and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Kota in Rajasthan and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The economic surplus analysis has revealed that when adopted on a large scale, soil and water conservation technologies generate significant economic surplus as reflected in high NPV and BC ratio. The share of producer surplus has been found to be higher in the total economic surplus generated from technology adoption. Thus, investments in generation and transfer of soil and water conservation technologies have been found be justified in terms of economic benefits. However, various constraints that hamper adoption of these technologies are to be addressed so that the potential benefits could be realized by both farmer and consumer.Agricultural and Food Policy,

    Soil and Water Conservation Works through National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Andhra Pradesh — An Analysis of Livelihood Impact

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    The impact of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) has been studied on rural livelihoods and the nature of soil and water conservation (SWC) works. NREGS is under implementation in almost all the rural districts of the country with the major objective of enhancing livelihoods through productive works. Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are the three states leading in scheme implementation with a large number of works, expenditure and employment. In Andhra Pradesh, soil and water conservation (SWC) works have accounted for over 80 per cent. The share of labour wages under the scheme has been 80 per cent with only 20 per cent for material, which is well within the prescribed norm of 40 per cent for the latter. The field study in the Ananthapur district has indicated that almost two-thirds of the beneficiaries are farmers. The scheme has brought down the migration levels from about 27 per cent to only 7 per cent in the study villages. The linear regression function has brought out that the number of family members participating in the NREGS is significantly influenced by income from other sources, family size and landholding. The NREGS earnings are being used mainly for food, education and health security. Although the scheme provides opportunity for 100 days of wage guarantee, the actual average employment is only for 25 days per household. Ideally, this gap needs to be bridged at least in the distress districts. The study has observed that SWC works in agricultural lands, especially in the rainfed areas need to be continued. However, some works require structural modifications for a better impact.Agricultural and Food Policy,


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    In this paper, we have introduced the notion of tripolar fuzzy soft Γ\Gamma -subsemi-ring,tripolar fuzzy soft ideal, tripolar fuzzy soft interior ideals over Γ\Gamma -semiring and also studiedsome of their algebraic properties and the relations between them

    Third Hankel determinant for starlike and convex functions with respect to symmetric points

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    The objective of this paper is to obtain best possible upper bound to the H3(1)H_{3}(1)  Hankel determinant for starlike and convex functions with respect to symmetric points, using Toeplitz determinants