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    Non equilibrium stationary state for the SEP with births and deaths

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    We consider the symmetric simple exclusion process in the interval \La_N:=[-N,N]\cap\mathbb Z with births and deaths taking place respectively on suitable boundary intervals I+I_+ and I−I_-, as introduced in De Masi et al. (J. Stat. Phys. 2011). We study the stationary measure density profile in the limit $N\to\infty

    Fourier law, phase transitions and the stationary Stefan problem

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    We study the one-dimensional stationary solutions of an integro-differential equation derived by Giacomin and Lebowitz from Kawasaki dynamics in Ising systems with Kac potentials, \cite{GiacominLebowitz}. We construct stationary solutions with non zero current and prove the validity of the Fourier law in the thermodynamic limit showing that below the critical temperature the limit equilibrium profile has a discontinuity (which defines the position of the interface) and satisfies a stationary free boundary Stefan problem. Under-cooling and over-heating effects are also studied. We show that if metastable values are imposed at the boundaries then the mesoscopic stationary profile is no longer monotone and therefore the Fourier law is not satisfied. It regains however its validity in the thermodynamic limit where the limit profile is again monotone away from the interface

    Super-hydrodynamic limit in interacting particle systems

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    This paper is a follow-up of the work initiated in [3], where it has been investigated the hydrodynamic limit of symmetric independent random walkers with birth at the origin and death at the rightmost occupied site. Here we obtain two further results: first we characterize the stationary states on the hydrodynamic time scale and show that they are given by a family of linear macroscopic profiles whose parameters are determined by the current reservoirs and the system mass. Then we prove the existence of a super-hyrdrodynamic time scale, beyond the hydrodynamic one. On this larger time scale the system mass fluctuates and correspondingly the macroscopic profile of the system randomly moves within the family of linear profiles, with the randomness of a Brownian motion.Comment: 22 page

    Symmetric simple exclusion process with free boundaries

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    We consider the one dimensional symmetric simple exclusion process (SSEP) with additional births and deaths restricted to a subset of configurations where there is a leftmost hole and a rightmost particle. At a fixed rate birth of particles occur at the position of the leftmost hole and at the same rate, independently, the rightmost particle dies. We prove convergence to a hydrodynamic limit and discuss its relation with a free boundary problem.Comment: 29 pages, 4 figure
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