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    Introduction to the state of the art and relevant aspects of the applications of adsorption for environmental safety and sustainability

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    We are in the midst of a rising crisis ensuing from environmental contamination, which is mainly caused by industrial and domestic activities, as well as the significant amount of these contaminants released into the environment by both natural and anthropogenic activities, which disrupts atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial systems. Thus, there is an urgent necessity for innovative approaches based on biosorbents for the removal of these contaminants, owing to the unique features of biosorbents, such as biocompatibility, biodegradability, and renewability. Hence, this chapter aims to present the development, utilization, and applications of the adsorption of heavy metals and dyes for reasons of environmental sustainability and safety

    Bioenergy revamping and complimenting the global environmental legal framework on the reduction of waste materials:A facile review

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    The challenges posed by climate change/global warming are very alarming, and they have become the focal point of attention for researchers within the global environmental domains. The development of bioenergy can help salvage this situation as a renewable energy source that makes use of recycled waste materials to create useful energy products. This review study found that the development of sustainable bioenergy is environmentally friendly, and it has been proven to be a better means of recycling waste materials into final energy products for sustainable development. The study hereby concluded and recommended that environmental policies concerning the sustainable development of bioenergy should be adopted within the various nations' local laws and the global environment at large, as this will result in adhering strictly to international environmental legal frameworks regulating the prevention and reduction of waste materials. The possible correlation of bioenergy with the Sustainable Development Goals is also highlighted