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    After Four Years

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    In this creative work, I would like to highlight marriage problems in Indonesia that is faced by people from two different generation through a theatre play. In my script, there is a mother and a daughter as representatives of two different generation. The marriage problem is faced by the daughter, and the mother tries to give solutions based on her own knowledge and values. This creative work focuses on the difference of how the mother and the daughter respond to the marriage problem. I would also point out about how generational gap problem affects the way the mother and the daughter respond to the marriage problems. To put this issue into a form of entertainment, I decided to make a drama play which type of genre is almost similar to our real life

    Invariant percolation and measured theory of nonamenable groups

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    Using percolation techniques, Gaboriau and Lyons recently proved that every countable, discrete, nonamenable group Γ\Gamma contains measurably the free group F2\mathbf F_2 on two generators: there exists a probability measure-preserving, essentially free, ergodic action of F2\mathbf F_2 on ([0,1]Γ,λΓ)([0, 1]^\Gamma, \lambda^\Gamma) such that almost every Γ\Gamma-orbit of the Bernoulli shift splits into F2\mathbf F_2-orbits. A combination of this result and works of Ioana and Epstein shows that every countable, discrete, nonamenable group admits uncountably many non-orbit equivalent actions.Comment: Bourbaki seminar, 33 page

    Fighting austerity: Why after 80 years the General Theory is still relevant today,

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    The guiding spirit of the Keynesian Revolution is that full employment is a goal which can be pursued not by following the free market rules, but by reshaping them by means of public intervention. This message was widely accepted for thirty years as from the end of the Second World War by all the advanced countries which actively engaged in full employment and welfare policies, and subsequently abandoned with the neo-liberal Restoration which saw the dogmas of individualism and de-regulation prevailing. In reclaiming the topical importance of the General Theory, we should take into consideration the changed circumstances of today’s world when compared to those of twenty – let alone eighty – years ago, although there are notable similarities between the Great Depression of the 1930s – Keynes’s world – and our contemporary crisis. However, his prescription for a better society is still relevant: it lies in setting rules and limitations in the market arena, not letting individual self-interest prevail, and putting some governing bodies in charge of filling the gap when deficient aggregate demand occurs, so that the acquisition of material goods and the fruition of the enjoyments of life be not a privilege of the few but the conquest of civilization

    Lipid Peroxidation After Intracortical Injection of Ferric Chloride Increases the Incidence of Seizures in Young Rats

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    Clinical studies have shown that the incidence of early posttraumatic seizures ishigher in children than in adults and it has been proposed that iron-induced lipidperoxidation has an important role in the development of epileptogenic foci. In this study,we examined some of the hypothesized reasons for the difference in the incidence ofearly posttraumatic seizures between young and adult rats. Twelve young and twelveadult rats were randomized into 4 groups. Group 1 and 2 were control groups, eachcomprising of 6 young rats and 6 adult rats respectively and were given intracorticalinjections of normal saline. Group 3 and 4 were injury groups, again comprising 6 youngrats and 6 adult rats respectively and were given intracortical injections of FeCl3. All ratswere observed for 6 hours post injection for the occurrence of seizures and were thenkilled. The injected hemispheres were extirpated and tested for malondialdehyde (MDA)level and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity as indices of oxidative damage. Resultsshowed that seizures were observed only in Group 3. Increased MDA level and decreasedSOD activity were observed in Group 3 (ANOVA, p<0.001). Increased MDA levels anddecreased SOD activity were significantly higher in rats with seizures (Group 3) than inthose without seizures (independent t-test, p<0.001). We conclude was that differentlevels of lipid peroxidation induced by intracortical ferric chloride injection may accountfor the different seizure incidence between young and adult rat

    New Douglas-Rachford algorithmic structures and their convergence analyses

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    In this paper we study new algorithmic structures with Douglas- Rachford (DR) operators to solve convex feasibility problems. We propose to embed the basic two-set-DR algorithmic operator into the String-Averaging Projections (SAP) and into the Block-Iterative Pro- jection (BIP) algorithmic structures, thereby creating new DR algo- rithmic schemes that include the recently proposed cyclic Douglas- Rachford algorithm and the averaged DR algorithm as special cases. We further propose and investigate a new multiple-set-DR algorithmic operator. Convergence of all these algorithmic schemes is studied by using properties of strongly quasi-nonexpansive operators and firmly nonexpansive operators.Comment: SIAM Journal on Optimization, accepted for publicatio

    The ConWip Production Control System: a Literature Review

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    International audienceA growing body of literature dealing with ConWip has been observedduring the past decade. Considering the current industrial challengescharacterized by adaptability, product customization, shortened lead times andcustomer satisfaction, ConWip appears to be an effective and adaptedproduction control system for manufacturers. Given this context, this paper aimsto update the previous literature review about ConWip that was made in 2003and to provide an understanding key through an original classification method.This method allows the reader to distinguish papers that concentrate on ConWipsizing, ConWip performance, ConWip environment or on the comparison ofConWip with other PCS. It also provides a reading key about the researchapproach. Taking these criteria into account, this paper helps to answer thefollowing questions: how can ConWip be implemented? How can ConWip beoptimized? Why and when should ConWip be used? The paper then concludeswith some research avenues

    Cyclical dimensions of labour mobility after EU Enlargement

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    At a time of symmetric global slowdown, migration cannot contribute as much to absorbing economic shocks as it could if the shock were asymmetric. Early evidence suggests that the crisis has led to a drop in immigration and even net return migration from some countries. This has helped the adjustment of former EU15 host countries and has exacerbated adjustment in former source countries in the new member states. In the short run, the authors believe that the stock of new member-state migrants in the EU15 will fall owing to diminished job opportunities for migrants. In the longer run, the crisis is set to increase migration from the new member states compared to what would have been the case without the crisis.

    A tale of three countries: recovery after banking crises

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    Three small, open European economies â?? Iceland, Ireland and Latvia â?? experienced serious trouble during the global financial crisis. Behind their problems were rapid credit growth and expansion of other banking activities in the years leading up to the crisis, largely financed by international borrowing. The crisis hit Latvia harder than any other country, and Ireland also suffered heavily, while Iceland exited the crisis with the smallest fall in employment, despite the greatest shock to the financial system. The purpose of this Policy Contribution is to compare the policy responses in, and the adjustments made by, the three countries. Based on this comparison, it draws lessons for exchange rate policy, internal devaluation, capital controls, banking sector restructuring and fiscal consolidation. It makes a strong case for a European banking federation.
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