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    Cost benefit analysis of the Naval Postgraduate School automated travel process system

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    This thesis presents a cost benefit analysis of implementing Travel Manager Plus (TMP) basewide at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). Surveying all stakeholders involved in travel administration determined the baseline costs of the current system. The survey identified the steps and time required in pre-travel and post-travel processes. Using the total number of claims processed in FY95, the total cost of travel was determined. Interviews with the personnel currently testing TMP provided the same information for TMP. Combining these data determined the Net Present Value of implementing TMP during the years 1997-2000. Performance metrics and benchmarks were also identified to help NPS track performance and identify areas where Improvements could be made. This thesis research found cost and time savings from implementing TMP. However, the overall net present value is modest due to high outlays for purchasing and maintaining software and administering the system.http://archive.org/details/costbenefitnalys1094532244NAU.S. Navy (U.S.N.) authorsApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited

    I Am Opposed to This Procedure : How Kafka\u27s In the Penal Colony Illuminates the Current Debate About Solitary Confinement and Oversight of American Prisons

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    This is the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka\u27s In the Penal Colony. The story brilliantly imagines a gruesome killing machine at the epicenter of a mythical prison\u27s operations. The torture caused by this apparatus comes to an end only after the “Traveler,” an outsider invited to the penal colony by the new leader of the prison, condemns it. In the unfolding of the tale, Kafka vividly portrays how, even with the best of intentions, the mental and physical well-being of inmates will be jeopardized when total control is given to people who run the prisons with no independent oversight. At the core of America\u27s vast prison system is the pervasive practice of solitary confinement, a practice that in many ways is analogous to the penal colony machine. Like the machine, it inflicts great psychological and often physical pain on people subjected to it. It, like the machine, is used to punish people for trivial offenses without due process. Like the machine, it is seen as essential to the operation of this closed prison system. Many of the new leaders of American prisons want to reform solitary confinement practices, but like the new Commandant in Kafka\u27s tale, without oversight, these leaders operate in the dark, unable to effectuate meaningful change by themselves. Kafka knew what he was talking about. The historic record, reviewed in this Article, demonstrates that Kafka had a notable legal career as an attorney at the Workers\u27 Accident Insurance Institute for the Kingdom of Bohemia in Prague. In that job he worked on behalf of industrial workers to open closed worksites to oversight, thereby improving worker safety and preventing needless accidents. These experiences gave Kafka a realistic understanding of what can happen in closed, unregulated institutions such as prisons. Despite the relevance of In the Penal Colony, Kafka\u27s voice has not yet been heard in this debate. This Article is intended to fill that void and to reveal how Kafka\u27s profound insights, so artfully crafted in the powerfully beautiful prose of In the Penal Colony, help us understand why we must open prison doors to outside scrutiny and put an end to the gruesome practice that is solitary confinement

    The Image of Taiwan as a Travel Destination: Perspectives from Mainland China

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    This study presents the perceived and projected image of Taiwan as a travel destination from perspectives from Mainland China. The perceived image of Taiwan was examined by interviewing 28 Mainland Chinese; the projected image of Taiwan was investigated by analyzing articles in China's most popular travel magazines. The different types of images of Taiwan among visitors, nonvisitors, and travel magazines were compared. The projected image changed notably after the opening of Taiwan's tourism to travelers from Mainland China. The results of this study could help destination marketing organizations to assess their marketing strategies for the Mainland Chinese travel market

    The Rouen Post, August 1941

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    Barnes Hospital Bulletin

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    Barnes Hospital Record

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    Lincoln\u27s Words at Gettysburg Resonate After Charlottesville

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    Seven score and fourteen years ago, Abraham Lincoln eloquently reminded us of the idealism of our founding our fathers, who “brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. “ Lincoln also called upon all persons of good conscience, not simply to remember the sacrifice of those who died preserving these ideals on the battlefield at Gettysburg, but also to act upon those ideals, and to rise to the challenge “to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us….” (excerpt

    Town of Bath, New Hampshire, annual report of the town officers, year ending December 31, 1970.

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    This is an annual report containing vital statistics for a town/city in the state of New Hampshire