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    Home is where the heart of legal need is

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    AbstractPreliminary findings from the Legal Australia - Wide (LAW) Survey indicate that homeless people are an especially disadvantaged group who have increased vulnerability to a wide range of legal problems. The findings suggest that addressing the legal and non-legal needs of homeless people should be a priority and may require a holistic or client-focused approach, involving an integrated response from legal and broader human services

    Anomalous magnetophotoluminescence as a result of level repulsion in arrays of quantum dots

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    Selectively excited photoluminescence (SPL) of an array of self-organized In0.5_{0.5}Ga0.5_{0.5}As quantum dots has been measured in a magnetic field up to 11T. Anomalous magnetic field sensitivity of the SPL spectra has been observed under conditions for which the regular photoluminescence spectra is insensitive to the magnetic field due to large inhomogeneous broadening. The anomalous sensitivity is interpreted in terms of the repulsion of excited levels of the dots in a random potential. A theory presented to describe this phenomena is in excellent agreement with the experimental data. The data estimated the correlation in the positions of excited levels of the dots to be 94%. The magnetic field dependence allows the determination of the reduced cyclotron effective mass in a dot. For our sample we have obtained memh/(me+mh)=0.034m0m_em_h/(m_e+m_h)=0.034m_0.Comment: 12 revtex preprint pages + 4 ps figures, uuencode


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    Postcard from Michaela Duffey, during the Linfield College Semester Abroad Program at Kanto Gakuin University in Yokohama, Japa

    Towards run-time monitoring of web services conformance to business-level agreements

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    Web service behaviour is currently specified in a mixture of ways, often using methods that are only partially complete. These range from static functional specifications, based on interfaces in WSDL and preconditions in RIF, to business process simulations using executable process-based models such as BPEL, to detailed quality of service (QoS) agreements laid down in a service level agreement (SLA). This paper recognises that something similar to a SLA is required at the higher business level to govern the contract between service producers, brokers and consumers. We call this a business level agreement (BLA) and within this framework, seek to unify disparate aspects of functional specification, QoS and run-time verification. We propose that the method for validating a web service with respect to its advertised BLA should be based on run-time service monitoring. This is a position paper towards defining these goals

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