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    Taking Flight ‚Äď April 2019

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    Message From the Dean Alumni Spotlight -- Cindy Pollack Eagle Executive Spring 2019 Business Alum Receives Talon Award Parker Days of Business Online Master of Science in Applied Economics Prepares Students for Job Market Logistics Team Competes in Innovation Challenge CFA Institute University Alliance Parker College Takes PDD to Savannah and the Armstrong Campus Ph.D. Students Soar at the Logistics Doctoral Symposium Faculty/Staff New

    Trade development strategy, regional economic development and cooperation: The case of the Murmansk region, Russia

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    The purpose of the article is to explore the concept of a trade development strategy and to identify its impact on cross-border trade and cooperation. The case focuses on the Murmansk region and cross-border trade with Finland. This study is designed as a qualitative, single-case, embedded study. Primary data collection was executed by means of a survey and semi-structured interviews. The acquired data were analyzed by developing a case description. In this study trade development strategy is understood from the practice theory perspective and is defined as a set of strategic activities initiated by formal and informal institutions. The concept of a trade development strategy includes activities related to (1) intelligent growth, (2) trade promotion, (3) infrastructure development, and (4) support for market access and international trade cooperation. This study reveals that the absence of a thoroughly devised international trade¬īdevelopment strategy in the Murmansk region does not allow for the streamlining of strategizing activities related to trade development; therefore the activities tend to be uncoordinated and unbalanced

    Right from the Start, Applying Anthropology with Lower Division Students

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    A Scientist's Guide to Achieving Broader Impacts through K-12 STEM Collaboration.

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    The National Science Foundation and other funding agencies are increasingly requiring broader impacts in grant applications to encourage US scientists to contribute to science education and society. Concurrently, national science education standards are using more inquiry-based learning (IBL) to increase students' capacity for abstract, conceptual thinking applicable to real-world problems. Scientists are particularly well suited to engage in broader impacts via science inquiry outreach, because scientific research is inherently an inquiry-based process. We provide a practical guide to help scientists overcome obstacles that inhibit their engagement in K-12 IBL outreach and to attain the accrued benefits. Strategies to overcome these challenges include scaling outreach projects to the time available, building collaborations in which scientists' research overlaps with curriculum, employing backward planning to target specific learning objectives, encouraging scientists to share their passion, as well as their expertise with students, and transforming institutional incentives to support scientists engaging in educational outreach

    Ensuring the visibility and traceability of items through logistics chain of automotive industry based on AutoEPCNet Usage

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    Traceability in logistics is the capability of the participants to trace the products throughout the supply chain by means of either the product and/or container identifiers in a forward and/or backward direction. In today's competitive economic environment, traceability is a key concept related to all products and all types of supply chains. The goal of this paper is to describe development of application that enables to create and share information about the physical movement and status of products as they travel throughout the supply chain. The main purpose of this paper is to describe the development of RFID based track and trace system for ensuring the visibility and traceability of items in logistics chain especially in automotive industry. The proposed solution is based on EPCglobal Network Architecture

    Incentive contracting - An annotated and classified modern bibliography

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    Incentive contracts bibliograph
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