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    "Feeling" others' painful actions: the sensorimotor integration of pain and action information.

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    Sensorimotor regions of the brain have been implicated in simulation processes such as action understanding and empathy, but their functional role in these processes remains unspecified. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to demonstrate that postcentral sensorimotor cortex integrates action and object information to derive the sensory outcomes of observed hand-object interactions. When subjects viewed others' hands grasping or withdrawing from objects that were either painful or nonpainful, distinct sensorimotor subregions emerged as showing preferential responses to different aspects of the stimuli: object information (noxious vs. innocuous), action information (grasps vs. withdrawals), and painful action outcomes (painful grasps vs. all other conditions). Activation in the latter region correlated with subjects' ratings of how painful each object would be to touch and their previous experience with the object. Viewing others' painful grasps also biased behavioral responses to actual tactile stimulation, a novel effect not seen for auditory control stimuli. Somatosensory cortices, including primary somatosensory areas 1/3b and 2 and parietal area PF, may therefore subserve somatomotor simulation processes by integrating action and object information to anticipate the sensory consequences of observed hand-object interactions

    India's collaboration in science and technology with Southeast Asian countries

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    The collaboration in science and technology (S&T) is fast emerging in the scientific world. India recognized the importance of international scientific collaboration in S&T quite early and has signed a number of S&T agreements with South East Asian countries. In this paper, the collaboration is presented through the analysis of co-authored research papers published during the period 1996 to 2000 in the journals covered by the Science Citation Index. The study covers the nature and the areas of S&T collaborations, institutions involved, and the impact of these collaborations on their individual fields. It is revealed that a total of 329 co-authored papers were published during the period. Out of these, 214 were published through bilateral and 115 through multilateral efforts. The priority areas vary with the nature of collaboration as well as with the collaborating country. The institutions involved in these collaborations are also indicated. The research papers analyzed reflect the present status of India’s collaboration in S&T with the South East Asian countries. Such a study will help decision-makers to identify the potential S&T areas for future international cooperation


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    The article provides a snapshot of Indian banking and explores certain contextual issues

    Implications of India-Asean Fta on India’s fisheries sector

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    India and ASEAN signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in trade in goods which came to effect from 1st January 2010. There were apprehensions on the likely impact of this RTA on some sensitive sectors of India such as agriculture, fisheries and plantation crop as large number of people depend on these sectors for their livelihood. India is a large consumer of marine products and export also export part of the catch to international markets (1.7 percent in total world export in 2007). Some of the ASEAN partners of India namely Thailand (5.82%), Vietnam (3.86) and Indonesia (2.14%) have larger presence in international fisheries trade and there is a possibility that they can export these products in to India in the post FTA period. In this context the paper looked in to the various provisions of India ASEAN FTA on fisheries sector and calculated trade complementarity and similarity using different trade indices. The paper found that India has taken adequate precaution to protect its marine sector from large scale dumping. The apprehension that India-ASEAN FTA will lead to substantial import of marine products in to India is unfounded

    Issues in Infrastructure Development Today: The Interlinkages

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    Brings out the issues in infrastructure development in India linking market failure, policy, regulation, and privatisation in India c. 2000. Is the lead article in the India Infrastructure Repor