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    1983 / 1-4. szám Editorial Wintrobe, M. M.: Perspectives in hematology Herberman, R. B.: Leukemia antigens and immunity in man Högman, C. F.: New trends in blood component therapy Steinbuch, M.: New trends in plasma fractionation Sloviter, H. A.: Artificial blood Rozman, C.: Bone marrow biopsy Seewann, H. L. - Lehnert, M. - Jüttner, F.: The value of bone marrow biopsy in chronic myeloid leukaemia Montserrat, E. - Rozman, C.: Bone marrow biopsy in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: a study of 208 cases Secker-Walker, L. M.: Cytogenetic factors in the prognosis of acute leukaemias Ness, P. M.: The association of Tn and leukemia Fiedler, H.: Efficacy control of HB blood donor screening Labie, D.: New antisickling agents Britten, A. - Etzel, F. - Ala, F. - Carman, C. - Smit Sibinga, C.: Supply and need of factor VIII concentrates Open Forum on Liability and Reality in Haemotherapy André, A.: Intorduction Marziale, F.: International juridical aspects of transfusion Hässig, A.. Industrial processing Weise, W.: Blood transmitted illnesses van Loghem, J. J.: International cooperation in blooc transfusion Announcement - ISBT Abstracts Obituary Index to Volume 16 Author Index Subject Inde

    Bibliometric studies on single journals: a review

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    This paper covers a total of 82 bibliometric studies on single journals (62 studies cover unique titles) published between 1998 and 2008 grouped into the following fields; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (12 items); Medical and Health Sciences (19 items); Sciences and Technology (30 items) and Library and Information Sciences (21 items). Under each field the studies are described in accordance to their geographical location in the following order, United Kingdom, United States and Americana, Europe, Asia (India, Africa and Malaysia). For each study, elements described are (a) the journal’s publication characteristics and indexation information; (b) the objectives; (c) the sampling and bibliometric measures used; and (d) the results observed. A list of journal titles studied is appended. The results show that (a)bibliometric studies cover journals in various fields; (b) there are several revisits of some journals which are considered important; (c) Asian and African contributions is high (41.4 of total studies; 43.5 covering unique titles), United States (30.4 of total; 31.0 on unique titles), Europe (18.2 of total and 14.5 on unique titles) and the United Kingdom (10 of total and 11 on unique titles); (d) a high number of bibliometrists are Indians and as such coverage of Indian journals is high (28 of total studies; 30.6 of unique titles); and (e) the quality of the journals and their importance either nationally or internationally are inferred from their indexation status

    Growth and Value Investment Strategy Applied on Chosen Stocks of the New York Stock Exchange

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    Purpose of the article: Nowadays, investors use many investment strategies. They can realize different profits using different strategies because of different principles of strategies. Author assesses two investment strategies. Calculating different financial indicators leads to comparison of yield and risk of indexes related to these strategies. Presented results could be important for investors within their investment decision in order to create investment portfolio. Methodology/methods: Growth and value investment strategies are theoretically described and applied in real data within 2008–2012. Using the CAPM model, author divides stocks of the NYSE included in the base of the DJIA into growth stocks and value stocks. Author compares index trends in charts, interpolates individual index charts by trend line and calculates financial indicators. Scientific aim: The aim of the article is to assess growth and value investment strategies which are applied to chosen stocks traded on the NYSE within 2008–2012. Author compares yield and risk of growth index with yield and risk of value index and DJIA index. Findings: Author applies growth and value investment strategies to chosen stocks. Sharpe ratio of indexes within whole period 2008–2012 is negative, whereas Jensen’s alpha is positive. Information ratio is positive only within 2008. Value investment strategy has lead to higher yield than growth investment strategy since October 2010, whereas before this month values had not been so different, but rather similar. Risk of value index is higher than risk of growth index and smaller than risk of DJIA index within each year of whole period 2008–2012. Conclusions: Similarly to results of empirical studies cited in this article, results of author indicate that value stock yields are higher than growth stock yields. Based on assessment of these investment strategies, investors could use results when they are making investment decision

    Analytical methods for vasopressin: A review

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    Thesis (M.A.)—Boston Universit