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    Hypercomplex Algebraic Geometry

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    It is well-known that sums and products of holomorphic functions are holomorphic, and the holomorphic functions on a complex manifold form a commutative algebra over C. The study of complex manifolds using algebras of holomorphic functions upon them is called complex algebraic geometry

    Phylogenetic Algebraic Geometry

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    Phylogenetic algebraic geometry is concerned with certain complex projective algebraic varieties derived from finite trees. Real positive points on these varieties represent probabilistic models of evolution. For small trees, we recover classical geometric objects, such as toric and determinantal varieties and their secant varieties, but larger trees lead to new and largely unexplored territory. This paper gives a self-contained introduction to this subject and offers numerous open problems for algebraic geometers.Comment: 15 pages, 7 figure

    Derived Algebraic Geometry

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    This text is a survey of derived algebraic geometry. It covers a variety of general notions and results from the subject with a view on the recent developments at the interface with deformation quantization.Comment: Final version. To appear in EMS Surveys in Mathematical Science

    Dagger Geometry As Banach Algebraic Geometry

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    In this article, we apply the approach of relative algebraic geometry towards analytic geometry to the category of bornological and Ind-Banach spaces (non-Archimedean or not). We are able to recast the theory of Grosse-Kl\"onne dagger affinoid domains with their weak G-topology in this new language. We prove an abstract recognition principle for the generators of their standard topology (the morphisms appearing in the covers). We end with a sketch of an emerging theory of dagger affinoid spaces over the integers, or any Banach ring, where we can see the Archimedean and non-Archimedean worlds coming together

    Frobenius techniques in birational geometry

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    This is a survey for the 2015 AMS Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry about the Frobenius type techniques recently used extensively in positive characteristic algebraic geometry. We first explain the basic ideas through simple versions of the fundamental definitions and statements, and then we survey most of the recent algebraic geometry results obtained using these techniques

    Algebraic geometry over algebraic structures II: Foundations

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    In this paper we introduce elements of algebraic geometry over an arbitrary algebraic structure. We prove Unification Theorems which gather the description of coordinate algebras by several ways.Comment: 55 page
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