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    European Principles Governing National Administrative Proceedings

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    It is critical that the process of developing general principles of Community administrative law continue, notwithstanding the marked diversity of supranational administrative proceedings. Because Community law has traditionally been focused on activities relevant to the common market, an asymmetry between the regulation of market-related administrative proceedings and other types of administrative proceedings has developed

    Glancing at the Content of Substantive Rules Under the Jurisdiction-Selecting Approach

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    Antalet individer med funktionsnedsättning ökar, dels beroende på att numera kan sjukdomar botas som tidigare inte kunde botas och dels beroende på att allt fler för tidigt födda barn kan räddas. Den orala hälsan är ofta negativt påverkad hos personer med funktionsnedsättning och det föreligger risk att dessa personer, trots ett större tandvårdsbehov än andra, erhåller mindre tandvård. Anledningen till detta är inte helt känd. Syftet med våra studier var därför att fördjupa kunskapen om hur personer med funktionsnedsättning och deras anhöriga prioriterar och tänker om oral hälsa. Syftet med studierna var också att fördjupa kunskapen om hur hälso- och sjukvårdspersonal samt tandvårdspersonal tänker om behov avseende bemötande och oral hälsa hos personer med funktionsnedsättning. Den kvalitativa forskningsmetoden grounded theory har valts då den är speciellt lämplig på områden där teorier är sparsamt förekommande eller saknas. Öppna kvalitativa intervjuer har genomförts med 65 informanter. Studierna visade att föräldrar till barn med funktionsnedsättning samt vuxna personer med kognitiva och/eller fysiska funktionsnedsättningar inte prioriterade den orala hälsan på grund av att andra mer akuta problem upplevdes som viktigare. Många personer med funktionsnedsättning vårdas kortare eller längre tid på vårdinrättningar, men kunskapen om oral hälsa var låg och inte prioriterad av personal inom hälso- och sjukvården. Personer med funktionsnedsättning återfinns inom såväl allmäntandvård som specialisttandvård och kunskapen om dessa patienters vårdbehov och bemötande av dem varierade mycket mellan olika kliniker, allmän- och specialisttandvård och mellan olika tandvårdspersonal. Sammantaget utgör dessa resultat en möjlig förklaring till varför personer med funktionsnedsättning löper ökad risk för oral ohälsa. Detta innebär också att en prioriterad, god oral hälsa och ett adekvat bemötande av personer med funktionsnedsättningar snarare kan handla om tur än om en jämlik rättighet

    “They Collected What Was Left of the Scraps”: Food Surplus as an Opportunity and Its Legal Incentives

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    For many years the problem of food security has been addressed only in relation to developing countries, due to the fact that people in developed nations had a relatively abundant supply of food. This is not anymore true both because of the economic crisis and an increasing demand of food at the global level. Therefore, food surplus in the food chain both at the production level and at household consumption could become a resource. In this respect, legal rules (e.g., the Good Samaritan Act in the United States) may provide incentives to economic agents for recovering food surplus. This paper examines in a comparative way legal remedies provided by United States and European Union to address food surplus. Some suggestions are provided to further improve the systems as well


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    With a single judgment (sent. 1/2014), the Italian Constitutional Court has almost revolutionized Parliamentary election law, the national political landscape, the types of controversies with which it deals, and the means through which it reviews domestic legislation. In order to do so, the Court drew from globalized concepts and levels of scrutiny such as the so-called “proportionality test,” making explicit references to foreign decisions, while downplaying the Constitutional Framers’ intention. Although this decision has brought Italy closer in line with the trends that characterize contemporary global constitutionalism, its concrete effects on Italian law and the political system are not so promising or clear. This paper investigates the explicit and implicit sources of inspiration for the decision, its hidden implications, and it resonates with globalized trends in constitutional law

    Natural Right, Providence, and Order: Frédéric Bastiat's Laissez-Faire

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    The paper suggests that Bastiat’s theory of interests, harmony, and the State is rooted in a particular conception of Natural Right, in which the Lockeans and thomistic streams of thought meet. But it also suggests that Bastiat’s interpretation of the role that Providence plays in human events is not able to give a sustainable theory of liberal order. The paper also considers the criticisms to Bastiat’s economic and political theory coming from exponents of classical liberalism, from the Austrians, and from Catholic thinkers of that time, such as L. Taparelli d’Azeglio and M. Liberatore. The conclusion is that although the economic theory of Bastiat is by now obsolete from the conceptual point of view, his political theory and his criticism of the state do remain extraordinarily topical. Cet article suggère que les théories des intérêts, de l’harmonie et de l’Etat de Bastiat sont ancrées dans une conception particulière du droit naturel au confluent des pensées lockéenne et thomiste. Cependant, il suggère aussi que l’interprétation que donne Bastiat du rôle de la Providence dans les affaires humaines ne débouche pas sur une théorie recevable de l’ordre libéral. L’article examine aussi les critiques qu’adressent les partisans du libéralisme classique-tels que les économistes autrichiens, les penseurs catholiques de l’époque comme L. Taparelli d’Azeglio et M. Liberatore-à l’égard des théories économiques et politiques de Bastiat. L’article conclut que le caractère obsolète des théories de Bastiat d’un point de vue conceptuel ne remet pas en cause la singulière actualité de sa théorie politique et de sa critique de l’Etat

    Effective judicial protection at the national level: the current utopia of procedural hurdles

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    Preprint of an article by Dr Helen Xanthaki, Senior Lecturer in Legislative Studies and Academic Director, Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, published in European Journal of Law Reform

    Dimissioni e risoluzioni consensuali di lavoratori e lavoratrici: uno studio sulle tecniche di controllo = Resignation and consensual termination of male and female workers: a study on control techniques. WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 340/2017

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    The essay reconstructs the legal rules about resignation and consensual resolution of women and men employees. Particular reference is made to the evolution of controls against possible abuses by the employer. An empirical research about the functioning of the most important of these control techniques – the mandatory validation of resignation by the employment inspectorate, foreseen for working parents – shows its multi-purpose nature. A guarantee against abuses and discriminations but a support to work-life balance rights too. The research takes into consideration recent years statistical data (up to 2016 ones published in summer 2017), as regards resignations and consensual resolution of mother and father employees

    Inadempimento di contratti di pubbliche forniture [dir. pen.]

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    L’indagine si sofferma sulla struttura della figura criminosa di cui all’art. 355 c.p., che, rinviando al concetto civilistico di inadempimento contrattuale, distinguesi da questo per l’evento di pericolo (necessario) rappresentato dalla effettiva mancanza di cose di prima necessità

    Il ballottaggio nazionale tra liste: la sentenza Corte cost. n. 35 del 2017 e il de profundis per i sistemi majority assuring

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    The double ballot voting system for the election of the Chamber of deputies was ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court, with its 35/2017 judgment. This paper purposes to examine the compatibility of the alternative second national round voting with the principles stated by the Court
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