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    Recognizing the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

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    Multiplication of solutions for linear overdetermined systems of partial differential equations

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    A large family of linear, usually overdetermined, systems of partial differential equations that admit a multiplication of solutions, i.e, a bi-linear and commutative mapping on the solution space, is studied. This family of PDE's contains the Cauchy-Riemann equations and the cofactor pair systems, included as special cases. The multiplication provides a method for generating, in a pure algebraic way, large classes of non-trivial solutions that can be constructed by forming convergent power series of trivial solutions.Comment: 27 page

    On the relationships between Fourier - Stieltjes coefficients and spectra of measures

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    We construct examples of uncountable compact subsets of complex numbers with the property that any Borel measure on the circle group taking values of its Fourier coefficients from this set has natural spectrum. For measures with Fourier coefficients tending to 0 we construct tho open set with this property.Comment: 28 page