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    Quasi-periodic Wannier-Stark ladders from driven atomic Bloch oscillations

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    Periodic Wannier\textendashStark ladder structures of the energy resonances associated with Bloch oscillations can be readily modified into quasi-periodic ones that exhibit peculiar self-similar effects. A compact theoretical description of the dynamics of driven Bloch oscillations is developed here within the quasi-momentum representation. We identify a rather viable scheme based on ultracold atomic wavepackets subject to gravity in a driven optical lattice potential where a self-similar scaling could be observed. Its feasibility in terms of realistic experimental parameters is also discussed

    Laser assisted Cherenkov emission in resonant media

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    We theoretically examine the behaviour of Cherenkov radiation in a lossy, dispersive and resonant medium when emission is assisted by an external electromagnetic field. Under the appropriate coherence conditions for Cherenkov emission, we anticipate a large increase of the emission yield at resonance. Our predictions are implemented by numerical estimates for cuprous oxide (Cu2O)

    A singular light dragging effect

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    We discuss the phenomenon of upstream bending of a light ray and we anticipate that such an anomalous effect can be observed in a coherently driven sample of cuprous oxide (Cu2O). We here examine the material parameters and the driving configurations that lead to upstream bendings of considerable magnitude