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    Status Report of LPCC Forward Physics Group

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    We report here about activities of newly formed working group aiming to define a forward and diffractive physics program at the LHC for the years to come

    Uncertainties on exclusive diffractive Higgs and jets production at the LHC

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    Two theoretical descriptions of exclusive diffractive jets and Higgs production at the LHC were implemented into the FPMC generator: the Khoze, Martin, Ryskin model and the Cudell, Hern\'andez, Ivanov, Dechambre exclusive model. We then study the uncertainties. We compare their predictions to the CDF measurement and discuss the possibility of constraining the exclusive Higgs production at the LHC with early measurements of exclusive jets. We show that the present theoretical uncertainties can be reduced with such data by a factor of 5

    Anomalous WW γ\gamma coupling in photon-induced processes using forward detectors at the LHC

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    We present a new method to test the Standard Model expectations at the LHC using photon-induced WWWW production. Both WW decay in the main ATLAS or CMS detectors while scattered protons are measured in forward detectors. The sensitivity to anomalous WWγWW\gamma triple gauge coupling can be improved by more than a factor 5 or 30 compared to the present LEP or Tevatron sensitivity respectively.Comment: 14 pages, 9 figure

    Probing new physics in diphoton production with proton tagging at the Large Hadron Collider

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    The sensitivities to anomalous quartic photon couplings at the Large Hadron Collider are estimated using diphoton production via photon fusion. The tagging of the protons proves to be a very powerful tool to suppress the background and unprecedented sensitivities down to 610156 \cdot 10^{-15}\gev4^{-4} are obtained, providing a new window on extra dimensions and strongly-interacting composite states in the multi-TeV range. Generic contributions to quartic photon couplings from charged and neutral particles with arbitrary spin are also presented.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    Anomalous trilinear and quartic WWγWW\gamma, WWγγWW\gamma\gamma, ZZγZZ\gamma and ZZγγZZ\gamma\gamma couplings in photon induced processes at the LHC

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    We first report on possible measurements at the LHC using the first data and a luminosity of 10 pb1^{-1} of WW and ZZ pair production via two-photon exchange. This measurement allows in particular to increase the present sensitivity on WWγγWW\gamma \gamma and ZZγγZZ\gamma \gamma quartic anomalous couplings from the LEP experiments by almost three orders of magnitude. We also discuss the possible improvements on quartic and trilinear anomalous couplings at high luminosity at the LHC using new forward proton taggers to be installed at 220 and 420 m from the CMS or ATLAS detectors.Comment: Proceedings of the EPS 2009 conference, Cracow, July 200

    Anomalous quartic WWgamma gamma, ZZgamma gamma, and trilinear WWgamma couplings in two-photon processes at high luminosity at the LHC

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    We study the W/Z pair production via two-photon exchange at the LHC and give the sensitivities on trilinear and quartic gauge anomalous couplings between photons and W/Z bosons for an integrated luminosity of 30 and 200 fb^{-1}. For simplicity and to obtain lower backgrounds, only the leptonic decays of the electroweak bosons are considered.Comment: 22 pages, 17 figures, sumitted to Phys. Rev.