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    Stability Analysis of Four Types of Pole and Liner

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    This study was purposed to compare the stability of four types of pole and liner casco (round bottom, round flat bottom, round sharp bottom and u-v bottom),. The stability value was analyzed by calculating the stability on the curve with the heeling angle of 0-90°. The stability results of each casco type were then compared with the criteria of minimum standard value derived from IMO (International Maritime Organization). Results showed that the four casco types had greater stability values than IMO standard values. This study found that the stability value of the round –sharp bottom casco was better than the others

    Keragaman Jenis Kapal Perikanan Di Kabupaten Takalar

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    This research aims to study the variety of fishing boats based on several technical aspects. This research was carried out from September of 2013 through January of 2014. This study collected the sampling data (boats at docking condition) in approximately 10 % of existing population along south coast from Takalar regency. The data were analyzed using cluster and PCA (Principal Componen Analysis) to assess the categorization of the boats based on the main dimension size and the mark of the main dimension ratio. The results showed that there are five groups of categorization which have different characteristics on its group. The group I was the boat which has high width and length (L/B), the group II was the boat which has high height and length ratio (L/D), the group III was the boat which has low height and length percentage (L/D), the group IV the boat which had high length, width, height, and the high water loaded (L, BOA, D, and d), and the group V was the boat which had high width and height ratio (B/D)

    Resistance and Effective Power on Various Casco Models of Purse Seiner

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    This study aimed to find out the magnitude of resistance and effective power onthe three casco models of purse seiner i.e. round bottom, round flat-bottom and U-V bottom. In the present study, we employed a numerical simulation using Holtrop and Mennenn method. To get the values of motion resistance and effective power on various purse seiner, it was used the purse seiner speed of 0-12 knot. We developed the simulation using 12 purse seiner sampling data which were operating in Makassar Strait. Simulation results indicated that the increasing main dimension of purse seiner was proportional to the increasing the magnitude of resistance and effective power. This study suggested that the round flat of casco model has greater resistance compared with the other casco model for purse seiner operating in Makassar Strait

    Karakteristik Daerah Potensial Penangkapan Ikan Cakalang Di Teluk Bone-Laut Flores Berdasarkan Data Satelit Suhu Permukaan Laut Dan Klorofil-A Pada Periode Januari-Juni 2014

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    Teluk Bone-Laut Flores merupakan salah satu daerah potensial penangkapan ikan cakalang terbaik di Indonesia timur. Perairan tersebut menjadi target utama operasi penangkapan bagi nelayan pole and line. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan karakteristik daerah potensial penangkapan ikan tersebut menggunakan data suhu permukaan laut (SPL) dan klorofil-a pada periode Januari-Juni 2014. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode survei dengan mengumpulkan data hasil tangkapan dan posisi penangkapan setiap kali melakukan kegiatan penangkapan. Data SPL dan klorofil-a dari citra satelit Terra/MODIS kemudian diekstrak dari lokasi penangkapan ikan cakalang untuk mempelajari kondisi oseanografi yang sesuai dengan keberadaan ikan tersebut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa hasil tangkapan ikan cakalang tertinggi didapatkan pada bulan Mei yaitu sekitar 138 ekor/setting. Hasil tangkapan tersebut bersesuaian dengan kondisi SPL berkisar antara 29,75°C dan 30,25°C dan konsentrasi klorofil-aantara 0,125 dan 0,213 mg m-3. Kenyataan ini menunjukkan bahwa kedua faktor oseanografis tersebut menjadi indikator penting untuk memahami dinamika spasial pergerakan dan konsentrasi ikan cakalang di Teluk Bone terutama pada periode Januari-Juni