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    Two Squares of Opposition: for Analytic and Synthetic Propositions

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    In the paper I prove that there are two squares of opposition. The unconventional one is built up for synthetic propositions. There a, i are contrary, a, o (resp. e, i) are contradictory, e, o are subcontrary, a, e (resp. i, o) are said to stand in the subalternation

    Dual-Phase Liquid Xenon Detectors for Dark Matter Searches

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    Dual-phase time projection chambers (TPCs) filled with the liquid noble gas xenon (LXe) are currently the most sensitive detectors searching for interactions of WIMP dark matter in a laboratory-based experiment. This is achieved by combining a large, monolithic dark matter target of a very low background with the capability to localize the interaction vertex in three dimensions, allowing for target fiducialization and multiple-scatter rejection. The background in dual-phase LXe TPCs is further reduced by the simultaneous measurement of the scintillation and ionization signal from a particle interaction, which is used to distinguish signal from background signatures. This article reviews the principle of dual-phase LXe TPCs, and provides an overview about running as well as future experimental efforts.Comment: 11 pages, 4 figures. Article for INSTR14. Matches published versio

    Dark Matter 2014

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    This article gives an overview on the status of experimental searches for dark matter at the end of 2014. The main focus is on direct searches for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) using underground-based low-background detectors, especially on the new results published in 2014. WIMPs are excellent dark matter candidates, predicted by many theories beyond the standard model of particle physics, and are expected to interact with the target nuclei either via spin-independent (scalar) or spin-dependent (axial-vector) couplings. Non-WIMP dark matter candidates, especially axions and axion-like particles are also briefly discussed.Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures. Contribution to DHF201

    Dark Matter 2013

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    This article reviews the status of the exciting and fastly evolving field of dark matter research as of summer 2013, when it was discussed at ICRC 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. It focuses on the three main avenues to detect WIMP dark matter: direct detection, indirect detection and collider searches. The article is based on the dark matter rapporteur talk summarizing the presentations given at the conference, filling some gaps for completeness.Comment: 9 pages, 7 figures. To appear in the proceedings of ICRC 2013. v2: added reference and minor fixe

    W+jets as a background to top physics: the quest for many jets

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    The latest progress in calculating electroweak gauge boson production in association with QCD jets at hadron colliders is summarized. Particular emphasis is given to the recently completed QCD one-loop calculations of W+3jets and Wb final states. Furthermore recent developments in improving Monte Carlo event generators by means of combining tree-level matrix elements with parton showers is reviewed.Comment: Talk given at Top 2010, Bruges, Belgium, May 31 - June 4, 201
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