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    Hybrid stabilizing control on a real mobile robot

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    To establish empirical verification of a stabilizing controller for nonholonomic systems, the authors implement a hybrid control concept on a 2-DOF mobile robot. Practical issues of velocity control are also addressed through a velocity controller which transforms the mobile robot to a new system with linear and angular velocity inputs. Experiments in the physical meaning of different controller components provide insights which result in significant improvements in controller performanc

    Implementation of a hybrid stabilizing controller on a mobile robot with two degrees of freedom

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    One of the results of a research project on mechatronics is a mobile robot, which was used as a carrier for research on the design of mechatronical systems. This mobile robot, the Mobile Autonomous Robot Twente (MART), is intended to be used as major part of a future assembly factory. In this paper the implementation on the MART-robot of a hybrid controller for stabilization of non-holonomic systems is described. Limitations of the physical model of the mechanical structure of the MART-robot lead to a number of practical problems. An interesting result given in the paper is the insight obtained into the geometrical meaning of different parameters of the controller, which allowed considerable improvements in the performance of the controller on the actual mobile robot