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    Position space interpretation for generalized parton distributions

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    For an unpolarized target, the generalized parton distribution Hq(x,0,t)H_q(x,0,t) is related to the distribution of partons in impact parameter space. The transverse distortion of this distribution for a transversely polarized target is described by Eq(x,0,t)E_q(x,0,t).Comment: 6 pages, espcrc1.sty, invited talk, QCDN'02, Ferrara, April 200

    Hadron Tomography

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    Generalized parton distributions can be used to obtain information about the dependence of parton distributions on the impact parameter. Potential consequences for T-odd single-spin asymmetries are discussed.Comment: LaTex, 4 pages, uses ws-ijmpa.cls, Talk presented at the International Conference on QCD and Hadronic Physics, Beijing, China, June 16--20, 200

    Generalized Parton Distributions and the Dependence of Parton Distributions on the Impact Parameter

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    Generalized parton distributions (GPDs) provide a link between form factors, parton distributions and other observables. I discuss the connection between GPDs and parton distributions as a function of the impact parameter. Since this connection involves GPDs in the limit of vanishing skewedness parameter ξ\xi, i.e. when the off-forwardness is purely transverse, I also illustrate how to relate ξ≠0\xi\neq 0 data to ξ=0\xi=0 data, which is important for experimental measurements of these observables.Comment: 5 pages, to appear in: proceedings of the Second Workshop on Physics with a Polarized-Electron Light-ion Collider (EPIC), Cambridge, MA, Sept. 14-16, 200
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