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    Anomalous Transport and Generalized Axial Charge

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    In this paper we continue studying the modification of the axial charge in chiral media by macroscopic helicities. Recently it was shown that magnetic reconnections result in a persistent current of zero mode along flux tubes. Here we argue that in general a change in the helical part of the generalized axial charge results in the same phenomenon. Thus one may say that there is a novel realization of chiral effects requiring no initial chiral asymmetry. The transfer of flow helicity to zero modes is analyzed in a toy model based on a vortex reconnection in a chiral superfluid. Then, we discuss the balance between the two competing processes effect of reconnections and the chiral instability on the example of magnetic helicity. We argue that in the general case there is a possibility for the distribution of the axial charge between the magnetic and fermionic forms at the end of the instability.Comment: 19 pages, version accepted in PR

    Calculating multiloop integrals using dimensional recurrence relation and D-analyticity

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    We review the method of the calculation of multiloop integrals recently suggested in Ref.[Lee2010]. A simple method of derivation of the dimensional recurrence relation suitable for automatization is given. Some new analytic results are given.Comment: Talk presented at 10th DESY Workshop on Elementary Particle Theory: Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory, Worlitz, Germany, 25-30 April 201

    Chiral Vortical Effect in Fermi Liquid

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    In this note we consider non-relativistic rotating fermi liquid in the presence of Berry curvature. The behavior of the system is then almost the same as in external magnetic field. We argue that there appears an analogue of chiral vortical effect in the liquid if Berry curvature has a non-vanishing flux through sheets of Fermi surfaces and chemical potentials are different. We also claim that quantum anomalies in condensed matter context provide a theoretical and experimental testing ground for the origin of chiral effects, their carriers etc.Comment: minor corrections, additional citation

    On the Higher-Spin Spectrum in Large N Chern-Simons Vector Models

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    Chern-Simons gauge theories coupled to massless fundamental scalars or fermions define interesting non-supersymmetric 3d CFTs that possess approximate higher-spin symmetries at large N. In this paper, we compute the scaling dimensions of the higher-spin operators in these models, to leading order in the 1/N expansion and exactly in the 't Hooft coupling. We obtain these results in two independent ways: by using conformal symmetry and the classical equations of motion to fix the structure of the current non-conservation, and by a direct Feynman diagram calculation. The full dependence on the 't Hooft coupling can be restored by using results that follow from the weakly broken higher-spin symmetry. This analysis also allows us to obtain some explicit results for the non-conserved, parity-breaking structures that appear in planar three-point functions of the higher-spin operators. At large spin, we find that the anomalous dimensions grow logarithmically with the spin, in agreement with general expectations. This logarithmic behavior disappears in the strong coupling limit, where the anomalous dimensions turn into those of the critical O(N) or Gross-Neveu models, in agreement with the conjectured 3d bosonization duality.Comment: 52 pages, 7 figures. v3: Minor correction
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