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    Elliptic Algebra and Integrable Models for Solitons on Noncummutative Torus T{\cal T}

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    We study the algebra An{\cal A}_n and the basis of the Hilbert space Hn{\cal H}_n in terms of the θ\theta functions of the positions of nn solitons. Then we embed the Heisenberg group as the quantum operator factors in the representation of the transfer matrice of various integrable models. Finally we generalize our result to the generic θ\theta case.Comment: Talk given by Bo-Yu Hou at the Joint APCTP-Nankai Symposium. Tianjin (PRC), Oct. 2001. To appear in the proceedings, to be published by Int. J. Mod. Phys. B. 7 pages, latex, no figure

    Free boson representation of DY(sl^(M+1N+1))DY_{\hbar}(\hat{sl} (M+1|N+1)) at level one

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    We construct a realization of the central extension of super-Yangian double DY(sl^(M+1N+1))DY_{\hbar}(\hat{sl}(M+1|N+1)) at level-one in terms of free boson fields with a continuous parameter.Comment: 9 pages, latex, reference revise