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    A Second Shell in the Fornax dSph Galaxy

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    In the search for tidal structure in Galactic satellite systems, we have conducted a photometric survey over a 10 square degree area centred on the Fornax dSph galaxy. The survey was made in two colours, and the resulting colour-magnitude data were used as a mask to select candidate Fornax RGB stars, thereby increasing the contrast of Fornax stars to background sources in the outer regions. Previously, we reported the presence of a shell (age 2 Gyr) located towards the centre of Fornax. In this contribution we reveal a second shell, significantly larger than the first, located 1.3 degrees NW from the centre of Fornax, outside the nominal tidal radius. Moreover, the distribution of Fornax RGB stars reveals two lobes extending to the spatial limit of our survey, and aligned with the minor axis and with the two shells. These results support the hypothesis of a merger between Fornax and a gas-rich companion approximately 2 Gyr ago.Comment: Four pages,accepted for the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia. Contribution the annual ASA meeting, Brisbane 200

    The Dwarf Spheroidal Companions to M31: WFPC2 Observations of Andromeda I

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    Images have been obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 camera of Andromeda I, a dwarf spheroidal (dSph) galaxy that lies in the outer halo of M31. The resulting color-magnitude diagrams reveal for the first time the morphology of the horizontal branch in this system. We find that, in a similar fashion to many of the galactic dSph companions, the horizontal branch (HB) of And~I is predominantly red. Combined with the metal abundance of this dSph, this red HB morphology indicates that And I can be classified as a ``second parameter'' system in the outer halo of M31. This result then supports the hypothesis that the outer halo of M31 formed in the same extended chaotic manner as is postulated for the outer halo of the Galaxy.Comment: 26 pages using aas2pp4.sty, including 2 tables and 7 figures, to be published in AJ. Figure 1 is in gif form. To include in main ps file, use xv to create a ps file called Da_Costa.fig1.ps and uncomment appropriate lines in .tex fil
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