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    Cinema’s Scarlet Letters: the MPAA Rating System and Film Education in the Christian University

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    Christian film educators face challenges in instruction when a film’s Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating falls outside their institution’s acceptable range. The origin of the system and the meaning of each rating are explained. Policies of comparable evangelical institutions regarding student film viewing are detailed. The resultant difficulties in film education are examined. Arguments for and against inclusion of R-rated films in the curriculum are considered. Recommendations are made for future courses

    Municipal Health Plans: Gilded Benefits From a Bygone Era

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    Compares the premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for office visits, prescription drugs, high-tech imaging, outpatient surgery, and hospital admissions of fourteen municipalities' employee health plans with those of other public and private plans

    College Rankings Reformed: The Case for a New Order in Higher Education

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    Every year, students and parents eagerly scour the new college rankings. But those rankings may be misleading them about the "best" colleges and universities. New data and technology offer an opportunity to really measure how well colleges and universities are preparing their undergraduate students

    Post-Davis Conduit Bonds: At the Intersection of the Dormant Commerce Clause and Municipal Debt

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    This Note addresses the constitutionality of the selective taxation of conduit bonds, a subset of municipal bonds that finance private enterprise, in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Department of Revenue v. Davis. In Davis, the Court determined that states could tax interest earned on out-of-state municipal bonds while exempting interest earned on its own bonds without violating the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. When issuing this ruling, the Court drew a distinction between municipal bonds issued on behalf of the government and municipal bonds issued on behalf of private industry. The question of whether or not selective taxation was constitutional as applied to municipal bonds issued on behalf of private industry was explicitly left for another day. This Note begins with a discussion of municipal bonds and the dormant Commerce Clause. Next, this Note reviews the arguments for and against subjecting conduit bonds to the selective tax system. Finally, this Note recommends the adoption of a sui generis assessment to identify bonds whose central purpose is economic protectionism so that they may be excluded from the selective tax system

    Reshaping learning: new technology and multimodality

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    Ron Carey Responds

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    [Excerpt] A New Labor Movement in the Shell of the Old? hits the nail on the head when it says that any hope of reviving the labor movement depends on change at the grassroots, not just in Washington, D.C. In the past five years, we in the Teamsters union have been facing the same challenge that now confronts the AFL-CIO: how to turn the labor bureaucracy into a labor movement again. The reforms we are making—while far from complete—confirm Brecher and Costello\u27s argument that rankand- file involvement and new community coalitions are key to rebuilding labor\u27s strength
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