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    Surface excitations, shape deformation and the long-time behavior in a stirred Bose-Einstein condensate

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    The surface excitations, shape deformation and the formation of persistent current for a Gaussian obstacle potential rotating in an highly oblate Bose-Einstein condensate(BEC)are investigated. Vortex dipole can be produced and trapped in the center of the stirrer even for slow motion of the stirring beam. When the barrier angular velocity is above some critical value, the condensate shape can be deformed remarkably according to the rotation frequency due to the existence of plenty of surface wave excitations. After a long enough time, a few vortices are found to be left either trapped in the condensate or pinned by the obstacle, a vortex dipole or several vortices can be trapped at the beam center, which enables the possibility of vortex manipulation.Comment: 5 pages, 4 figure

    Edge States and Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene under a Modulated Magnetic Field

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    Graphene properties can be manipulated by a periodic potential. Based on the tight-binding model, we study graphene under a one-dimensional (1D) modulated magnetic field which contains both a uniform and a staggered component. New chiral current-carrying edge states are generated at the interfaces where the staggered component changes direction. These edge states lead to an unusual integer quantum Hall effect (QHE) in graphene, which can be observed experimentally by a standard four-terminal Hall measurement. When Zeeman spin splitting is considered, a novel state is predicted where the electron edge currents with opposite polarization propagate in the opposite directions at one sample boundary, whereas propagate in the same directions at the other sample boundary.Comment: 5 pages, 4 figure