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    A Study in the Use of Psychological Tests in Determining Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness Among Practicing School Administrators

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    Introduction: In 1952 the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision of the University of Tennessee undertook a cooperative research project with the Southern States Cooperative Program in Educational Administration (since 1952 the name of the organization has been changed to Associated Programs in Educational Administration). Generally speaking, the central aim of the project was, and is, the improvement of educational leadership in the Southern States Region. To be more specific, the aims of the project at the University of Tennessee are probably best stated in terms of its original purposes

    The Effectiveness of Internal Communication in Selected School Systems in East Tennessee

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    Introduction: The superintendents of several public school systems in East Tennessee met during the summer of 1959 to form an organization for the purpose of improving public schools through cooperative study and research. This organization was named Public Schools for Cooperative Research and soon came to be known as PSCR. For a number of years such an organization had been the topic of many informal discussions in which superintendents visualized its possibilities and potentialities. Staff members of the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision in the University of Tennessee\u27s college of Education also expressed a keen interest in this type organization and, serving as consultants, shared in its establishment and early development

    Prediction of academic success of Bouve-Boston School.

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    Thesis (M.Ed.)--Boston Universit

    Students at Kansas Newspaper Prove Democracy Isn\u27t Dead Yet

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    In May of 1897, Mark Twain was in London finishing up an around-the-world speaking tour he had started two years earlier. He got there right after his cousin, James Ross Clemens, who had fallen ill while visiting London a couple of weeks earlier. In a letter he wrote on May 31, Twain addressed rumors saying that he had fallen deathly ill and had even died. I can understand perfectly how the report of my illness got about, he said, adding: I have even heard on good authority that I was dead. It was his cousin\u27s illness that was ascribed to Twain; in fact, Twain had never been ill, and was certainly not dead. The report of my illness grew out of his illness, he said, referring to his cousin\u27s bout with bad health. The report of my death was an exaggeration. [excerpt

    Diversity & Inclusion Update - Fall 2018

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    This Fall 2018 newsletter discusses ongoing campus initiatives to facilitate diversity and inclusion efforts on campus. Topics discussed include continued campus changes inspired by the January 2016 Town Hall meeting, such as the expansion of the Office of Multicultural Engagement/Mosaic House, and programming held over the previous semester to raise multicultural awareness by organizing events like LincCon Comic and Gaming Convention, workshops during the Disability Awareness Month, visit of Anthony Ray Hinton, etc

    Journeys, Adventures, Bridges and Puzzles: A case study approach to understanding teachers' conceptions of STEM

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    abstract: Legislative changes and discussions about the United States falling further and further behind other nations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) achievement are growing. As they grow, STEM instruction in elementary school has earned its place as a national area of interest in education. In the case of Ivory School District, teachers are being asked to radically change their daily practices by consistently implementing inquiry-based STEM experiences in their classrooms. As such, teachers are being asked to scale a divide between the district expectations and their knowledge and experience. Many fourth grade educators are teachers who have been trained as generalists and typically do not have specific background or experience in the philosophy, instructional strategies, or content associated with STEM. Using a prototype approach, this study aims to understand how such teachers conceptualize STEM instruction and the relationship between their experience and conceptions.Dissertation/ThesisEd.D. Educational Administration and Supervision 201

    Factors affecting African-American enrollment and intent to enroll in an advanced placement program in a suburban high school, 2017

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    It was a goal of this study to identify factors affecting African-American enrollment and intent to enroll in an advanced placement program and other select variables such as prior course work, teacher expectations, academic motivation, peer affiliation, counselor advisement, teacher perception, and student self-efficacy. Pearson correlations, ANOVA, Post Hoc and regression tests were used to analyze the data that had the greatest significance on African-American enrollment in an advanced placement program. The researcher concluded that teacher expectations, peer affiliation, and student intent to enroll have the greatest significance on African-American enrollment in an advanced placement program. Recommendations were suggested for classroom teachers, educational leaders, and future researchers. KEY TERMS: Academic Achievement, Advanced Courses, Advanced Placement Programs, Student Placement, Articulation, Prior Learning, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Administration and Supervision, Educational Leadership, Gifted Educatio

    Measuring Success: Examining the Impact of Arizona's 4-Hour ELD Block

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    abstract: Arizona continues to implement the 4-hour ELD block despite opposition and concerns regarding is appropriateness and effectiveness. Research using state and national assessments show that English language learners continue to fall behind their English proficient peers in reading achievement even after the implementation of the 4-hour ELD block. In general, there is no proven direct correlation between the program and underachievement. This study evaluated the impact of the 4-hour ELD block on reading achievement by comparing similar reading-abled students that were in the program with students that were not. The study was conducted in a district located in a predominately Hispanic poor community in order to eliminate social and economical factors that could disadvantage one group over the other. The findings demonstrated there were no significant differences in the reading achievement between both groups, supporting arguments that the 4-hour ELD block has made little to no impact for ELL students. However, results demonstrate that early intervention may be significant in explaining increases in reading achievement.Dissertation/ThesisDoctoral Dissertation Educational Administration and Supervision 201

    Using Electronic Portfolios to Measure Growth in Leadership Standards and Dispositions

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    This study analyzed the pretest and posttest data from ISLLC Standards surveys and the Administrator Disposition Index surveys to determine the growth in knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the candidates in the Masters/Endorsement program in Educational Administration and Supervision at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (n = 135). The data were collected from electronic student portfolios when the candidates first entered the program and again when they were enrolled in the end of program practicum field experience. The results of the study indicate that students who successfully completed the leadership program described, believed in themselves and expressed a readiness to assume the mantle of leadership. The development of an electronic portfolio provides candidates with real time access to program goals, individual progress, and a gathering place for artifacts demonstrating growth. The results of this study can be very useful when planning and improving program and program delivery. This data and analyses have also been used to report program success to accrediting bodies and to update and improve course content
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