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    Reformation Christianity

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    Title: Reformation Christianity. Reformation Christianity xvi,306 p. Publisher: Minneapolis : Fortress, 2007. Series: A people\u27s history of Christianity ; 5

    Journal of African Christian Biography: v. 1, no. 6

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    A publication of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography with U.S. offices located at the Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University. This issue focuses on: 1. Michael Timneng and Jeremiah Chi Kangsen: Christianity Beyond the Missionary Presence in Cameroon. 2. Michael Timneng. 3. Jeremiah Chi Kangsen. 4. Recent Print and Digital Resources Related to Christianity in Africa

    Social and historical aspects of the assimilation of Christianity in Southeast Asia from 1500-1900 with reference to Thailand and the Philippines

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    Though many have attempted to address the complexities of the encounter between Christianity and non-western societies, the literature has not dealt much with Southeast Asia. This article attempts to help fill that gap by examining some of the factors affecting the assimilation of Christianity in Southeast Asia by looking at two countries in detail: Thailand and the Philippines. These two countries offer strikingly different assimilation results. Thailand was not colonized when Christianity was introduced while in the Philippines colonization and Christianity were intimately linked. As a result, both Thailand and the Philippines are a study in contrasts

    A People’s History of Christianity, vol. 4

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    Title: A People’s History of Christianity, vol. 4; Author: Daniel E. Bornstein, ed. Medieval Christianity; Publisher: Minneapolis, Minnesota: Fortress Press, 2009; ISBN: 978080063414

    The Church in Africa: Salt of the Earth?

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    This book is an attempt at a critical, constructive, and creative theological praxis of social transformation in Africa. The authors apply a multi-disciplinary approach to examining how Christianity in Africa is engaging the problems of Africa\u27s challenging social context. This is a prophetic work that applies the symbols of salt and light as ecclesiological images for reenvisioning the path towards procuring abundant life for God\u27s people in the African continent through the agency of African Christianity. The contributors to this volume ask these fundamental questions: What is the face of Jesus in African Christianity? What is the face and identity of the Church in Africa? How can one evaluate the relevance of the Church in Africa to African Christians who enthusiastically embrace and celebrate their Christian faith? In other words, what positive imprint is Christianity leaving on the lives and societies of African Christians? Does the Christian message have the potential of positively affecting African civilization as it once did in Europe? What is the relevance and place of African Christianity as a significant voice in shaping both the future of Africa and that of world Christianity

    Menorah Review (No. 42, Winter, 1998)

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    Black-Jewish Relations: Past, Present and Future -- Exploring Exodus: The Common Root for Judaism and Christianity -- Sarah at the Tent Post -- On Studying Mishnah -- Book Listing -- Christianity Without Jeers -- Book Briefing

    Women and Christianity. v 3, From the Reformation to the 21st century

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    Title: Women and Christianity. v 3, From the Reformation to the 21st century. Author: Malone, Mary T Women and Christianity v 3. 334 p. Publisher: Maryknoll, NY : Orbis Books/Novalis, 2003

    Singing of Satnam: Blind Simon Patros, Dalit Religious Identity, and Satnami -Christian Music in Chhattisgarh, India

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    Christianity in every context -- whether western or nonwestern, contemporary or ancient -- emerges as a composite entity, combining elements of the religions and cultures that predate it with aspects of the Christian faith, in whatever form it arrives. There is, of course, nothing distinctly Christian about this process, for just as the expansion of Christianity into India involved the Indianization of Christianity, so too did the growth of Hinduism in Bali entail the Balinization of Hinduism. Other religions follow a similar pattern when they cross cultural boundaries

    Psychological type and attitude towards Celtic Christianity among committed Churchgoers in the United Kingdom: an empirical study

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    This article takes the burgeoning interest in Celtic Christianity as a key example of the way in which churches may be responding to the changing spiritual and religious landscape in the United Kingdom today and examines the power of psychological type theory to account for variation in the attitude of committed churchgoers to this innovation. Data provided by a sample of 248 Anglican clergy and lay church officers (who completed the Francis Psychological Type Scales together with the Attitude toward Celtic Christianity Scale) demonstrated that intuitive types, feeling types, and perceiving types reported a more positive attitude towards Celtic Christianity than sensing types, thinking types, and judging types. These findings are interpreted to analyse the appeal of Celtic Christianity and to suggest why some committed churchgoers may find this innovation less attractive