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An unsupported transition metal-lanthanide bond; synthesis and crystal structure of an Nd-Fe amido N-heterocyclic carbene complex

By Polly Arnold, J. McMaster and S.T. Liddle


A salt-elimination reaction between the neodymium monoiodide [Nd(L)(N)(I)]2 [L = ButNCH2CH2{C(NCSiMe3CHNBut)}; N = N(SiMe3)2] and K[FeCp(CO)2] affords the first complex with an unsupported 4f–3d metal–metal bond that is sufficiently stable to be isolated; the bond is identified as principally ionic in nature by DFT calculations

Topics: donor-acceptor bonds; element thermochemistry; coordination chemistry; disruption enthalpies; molecular-structure; actinide; ligands; reactivity; catalysts; titanium
Year: 2009
DOI identifier: 10.1039/b819072k
OAI identifier:

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