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Localized states in an extended Swift–Hohenberg equation

By John Burke and Jonathan H. P. Dawes


Recent work on the behavior of localized states in pattern-forming partial differential equations has focused on the traditional model Swift-Hohenberg equation which, as a result of its simplicity, has additional structure; it is variational in time and conservative in space. In this paper we investigate an extended Swift-Hohenberg equation in which nonvariational and nonconservative effects play a key role. Our work concentrates on aspects of this much more complicated problem. First we carry out the normal form analysis of the initial pattern-forming instability that leads to small-amplitude localized states. Next we examine the bifurcation structure of the large-amplitude localized states. Finally, we investigate the temporal stability of one-peak localized states. Throughout, we compare the localized states in the extended Swift-Hohenberg equation with the analogous solutions to the usual Swift-Hohenberg equation

Year: 2012
DOI identifier: 10.1137/110843976
OAI identifier:

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