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A Study of the Medical System in the Chiba District During the Latter Part of the Edo Era II : Improvement to the Medical Sciences by the Sakura Clan 4.

By 猛史 石出 and Takeshi ISHIDE


日本国内が尊皇攘夷運動で揺れる中, 佐倉藩も真忠組の乱・水戸藩子年騒動などに際して頻繁に出兵を強いられた。元治元年(1864)前藩主堀田正睦が没した後, 慶応年間に入っても医療制度改革は継続して行われた。この改革は藩の兵制改革の一環として行われた。その内容は, (1)藩の制式医学として西洋医学の採用と漢方医学の廃止, (2)藩医の職制の変更と軍医としての再編成, (3)養生所の開設が挙げられる。しかし明治新政府の成立に伴って明治3年(1870)種痘事業も医学所から在野の町医に移管され, 同年11月には佐倉藩医学所も閉鎖された。その後も藩校において医学教育は行われたが, 明治5年の学制発布に伴って藩校も閉鎖された。ここに39年間にわたる佐倉藩独自の医療制度も幕が下ろされた。After 1860, fighting in support of royalism and to expel foreigners developed in many parts of Japan. For this reason, the army of the Sakura Clan was often dispatched to keep guard. The former lord Masayoshi Hotta passed away in 1864. In the Keio era, the last revolution in the medical system of the Sakura Clan occurred. Its characteristics involved the revolution in the military system, and only western medicine was recognized as legal medicine by the Sakura Clan. The first step included the establishment of a temporary medical center as the medical school. Then, western medical practice was adopted and Chinese medicine was no longer recognized as official medicine. The third reform included the reorganization of doctors, then doctors were officially attached to each unit of the army of the Clan. With establishment of the Meiji Government, the task of vaccination was transferred from the clan\u27s medical center to civilian practitioners and the clan\u27s medical school was closed in 1870. In this way, the original medical system of Sakura Clan was abolished

Topics: 慶応の医療制度改革, 仮養生所, 兵制改革, 大政奉還, 医療史, NDC:490
Publisher: 千葉医学会
Year: 1996
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