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Prediction of the 2-d Unsteady Supercavity Shapes

By Vladimir N. Semenenko


A method to calculate a length and a shape of two--dimensional unsteady supercavities past slender wedges and around slender hydrofoils is developed. In case of arbitrary time--dependence, the finite difference time discretization is used. In each time step, the solution is constructed by the method of integral equations. The variable supercavity length is found by numerical solving the equation of the mass of gas in the cavity balance. Examples of calculation of evolution of both the natural supercavity and the ventilated cavity in cases of aperiodic time--dependence and sinusoidal oscillation of hydrofoil are presented

Year: 2001
OAI identifier: oai:caltechconf.library.caltech.edu:48
Provided by: CaltechCONF

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