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Kindreds, cognatic and unilineal descent groups : new perspectives from Madagascar

By Rita Astuti
Topics: GN Anthropology
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2000
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Provided by: LSE Research Online
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    1. Bilate r a l desce n t group s . An opera t i o n a l viewp o i n t .
    2. Bilateral descent groups. An operational viewpoint.
    3. Family trees \ a n d their affin i t i e s : the visua l imper a t i v e of the genea l o g i c a l diagr a
    4. Family trees\and their affinities: the visual imperative of the genealogical diagram. doi
    5. Funerary rituals among the Vezo of western
    6. Invis i b l e ' objec t s . Funer a r y ritua l s among the Vezo of weste r n Madag a s c a r . Res. Anthro p o l o g y and Aesthe t i c s
    7. Kinshi p and marri a g e . Harmon d s w o r t h : Pengui n Books. Freema n Mauri c e
    8. Malaga s y kinsh i p and kinshi p theor y . In L'étr a n g e r in time . B.Champ i o n (ed), Réuni o n : Press e s Unive r s i t a i r e s de la Réuni o n .
    9. Malagasy kinship and kinship theory. In L'étranger in time. B.Champion (ed), Réunion: Presses Universitaires de la Réunion.
    10. On certa i n uncon s i d e r e d aspec t s of doubl e desce n t syste ms .
    11. On certain unconsidered aspects of double descent systems. doi
    12. On some furthe r uncons i d e r e d aspect s of descen t . Corres p o n d e n c e
    13. On some further unconsidered aspects of descent. doi
    14. On the concep t of the kindre d . Journ a l of the Royal Anthr o p o l o g i c a l Insti t u t e
    15. On the concept of the kindred. doi
    16. Parts and whole s : refig u r i n g relat i o n s h i p s in a postp l u r a l world . In Conce p t u a l i z i n g socie t i e s
    17. People of the sea. Identi t y and descen t among the Vezo of Madaga s c a r , Cambr i d g e : Cambr i d g e Unive r s i t y Press . Bloch Mauri c e
    18. People of the sea. Identity and descent among the Vezo of Madagascar, Cambridge: doi
    19. Report on the Iban . London : The Athlon e Press.
    20. Report on the Iban. London: The Athlone Press. Leach Edmund
    21. The heat of the hearth . The proces s of kinshi p in a Malay fishi n g commu n i t y ,
    22. The heat of the hearth. The process of kinship in a Malay fishing community, doi
    23. wholes: refiguring relationships in a postplural world.

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