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On limiting relations for capacities

By V. I. Kolyada


The paper is devoted to the study of limiting behaviour of Besov capacities $\capa (E;B_{p,q}^\a) (0<\a<1)$ of sets in $\R^n$ as $\a\to 1$ or $\a\to 0.$ Namely, let $E\subset \R^n$ and $$J_{p,q}(\a, E)=[\a(1-\a)q]^{p/q}\capa(E;B_{p,q}^\a).$$ It is proved that if $1\le p<n, 1\le q<\infty,$ and the set $E$ is open, then $J_{p,q}(\a, E)$ tends to the Sobolev capacity $\capa(E;W_p^1)$ as $\a\to 1$. This statement fails to hold for compact sets. Further, it is proved that if the set $E$ is compact and $1\le p,q<\infty$, then $J_{p,q}(\a, E)$ tends to $2n^p|E|$ as $\a\to 0$ ($|E|$ is the measure of $E$). For open sets it is not true.Comment: To appear in Real Analysis Exchang

Topics: Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs, 46E35, 31B15
Year: 2012
OAI identifier: oai:arXiv.org:1208.1938

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