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Liposarcoma cells with aldefluor and CD133 activity have a cancer stem cell potential

By Eva W Stratford, Russell Castro, Anna Wennerstrøm, Ruth Holm, Else Munthe, Silje Lauvrak, Bodil Bjerkehagen and Ola Myklebost


Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) has recently been shown to be a marker of cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) across tumour types. The primary goals of this study were to investigate whether ALDH is expressed in liposarcomas, and whether CSCs can be identified in the ALDHhigh subpopulation. We have demonstrated that ALDH is indeed expressed in 10 out of 10 liposarcoma patient samples. Using a liposarcoma xenograft model, we have identified a small population of cells with an inducible stem cell potential, expressing both ALDH and CD133 following culturing in stem cell medium. This potential CSC population, which makes up for 0, 1-1, 7% of the cells, displayed increased self-renewing abilities and increased tumourigenicity, giving tumours in vivo from as few as 100 injected cells

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