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Effects of Tipranavir, Darunavir, and Ritonavir on Platelet Function, Coagulation, and Fibrinolysis in Healthy Volunteers

By Jens J Kort, Stella Aslanyan, Joseph Scherer, John P Sabo, Veronika Kohlbrenner and Patrick Robinson


The use of HIV protease inhibitors (PIs) as part of antiretroviral therapy in the treatment of HIV-1 infection may be associated with an increased risk of bleeding. This prospective, randomized, open-label trial in healthy volunteers compared the effects of tipranavir/ritonavir (TPV/r), darunavir/ritonavir (DRV/r), and ritonavir (RTV) alone on platelet aggregation after a single dose and at steady-state concentrations. Subjects were selected on the basis of normal platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid (AA)-induced platelet aggregation inhibition after administration of a single 325-mg dose of aspirin. All 3 PI therapies were administered twice daily for 10 days

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