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Binding Properties and Stability of the Ras-Association Domain of Rap1-GTP Interacting Adapter Molecule (RIAM)

By Heikki Takala and Jari Ylänne


The Rap1-GTP interacting adapter protein (RIAM) is an important protein in Rap1-mediated integrin activation. By binding to both Rap1 GTPase and talin, RIAM recruits talin to the cell membrane, thus facilitating talin-dependent integrin activation. In this article, we studied the role of the RIAM Ras-association (RA) and pleckstrin-homology (PH) domains in the interaction with Rap1. We found that the RA domain was sufficient for GTP-dependent interaction with Rap1B, and the addition of the PH domain did not change the binding affinity. We also detected GTP-independent interaction of Rap1B with the N-terminus of RIAM. In addition, we found that the PH domain stabilized the RA domain both in vitro and in cells

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