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Amniotic-Fluid Ingestion Enhances the Central\ud Analgesic Effect of Morphine

By Jean M. DiPirro, Alexis C. Thompson and Dr. Mark B. Kristal


Amniotic fluid and placenta contain a substance (POEF) that when ingested enhances opioid-mediated analgesia produced by several agents (morphine injection, vaginal/cervical stimulation, late pregnancy, footshock), but not that produced by aspirin injection. The present series of experiments employed quaternary naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that does not readily cross the blood-brain barrier, in conjunction with either peripheral or central administration of morphine, to determine whether amniotic-fluid ingestion (and therefore POEF ingestion) enhances opioid-mediated analgesia by affecting the central and/or peripheral actions of morphine. The results suggest that POEF affects only the central analgesic effects of morphine

Topics: Psychobiology, Physiological Psychology, Neuropharmacology, Behavioral Neuroscience
Publisher: Pergamon Press
Year: 1991
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