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Analgesic Efficacy of Orally Administered\ud Buprenorphine in Rats

By Dr. Lisa B.E. Martin, Dr. Alexis C. Thompson, Dr. Thomas Martin and Dr. Mark B. Kristal


The analgesic effect of orally administered buprenorphine was compared with that induced by a standard\ud therapeutic injected dose (0.05 mg/kg of body weight, s.c.) in male Long-Evans rats. Analgesia was assessed by\ud measuring pain threshold, using the hot-water tail-flick assay before and after administration of buprenorphine.\ud The results suggest that a commonly used formula for oral buprenorphine in flavored gelatin, at a dose of 0.5\ud mg/kg, does not increase pain threshold in rats. Instead, oral buprenorphine doses of 5 and 10 mg/kg were\ud necessary to induce significant increases in pain threshold. However, these doses had to be administered by\ud orogastric infusion because the rats would not voluntarily eat flavored gelatin containing this much buprenorphine.\ud The depth of analgesia induced by these infused doses was comparable to that induced by the clinically effective\ud s.c. treatment (0.05 mg/kg)

Topics: Behavioral Neuroscience
Publisher: American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Year: 2001
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