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By Professor Ion Baianu


Molecular models in terms of Categories, Functors and Natural Transformations are introduced for unimolecular chemical transformations, multi-molecular chemical and biochemical transformations. Novel approaches to realization of Relational Biology Models of Complex System Biology are introduced in terms of Natural Transformations between Functors of Molecular Categories. Several applications of such natural transformations are then presented to protein biosynthesis, embryogenesis and nuclear transplant experiments. Other possible realizations in Molecular Biology and Relational Biology of Organisms are also suggested. Future developments will include: Fuzzy Relations in Biology; Categories of Lukasiewicz Logic Algebras and Intuitionistic Logic Algebras for Modeling of Complex Neural Network Processes; Stochastic, Genetic Networks in Lukn-Algebras, and Relational Biology Models of Complex Hormonal Controls

Topics: Dynamical Systems, Complexity Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Biology
Publisher: AMS (SIAM)
Year: 1983
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