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Refractory Hypertension and Isosexual Pseudoprecocious Puberty Associated with Renin-Secreting Ovarian Steroid Cell Tumor in a Girl

By Sun Hee Lee, Mi Seon Kang, Gyeong Sin Lee and Woo Yeong Chung


Steroid cell tumor, not otherwise specified (NOS), are rare ovarian tumor, in addition, it is more rare in children. The majority of these tumors produce several steroid hormones, particularly testosterone. Estrogen also secreted by steroid cell tumor, NOS, but it is uncommon. Furthermore, hypertension is an infrequent sign in steroid cell tumor, NOS. An 8.5-yr-old girl with hypertension and frequent vaginal spotting visited at our clinic. On laboratory evaluation, secondary hypertension due to an elevated plasma renin level and isosexual pseudoprecocious puberty was diagnosed. Right solid ovarian mass was detected in radiologic tests. She underwent a right ooporectomy and it revealed renin and progesterone receptor positive steroid cell tumor, NOS. After operation, her blood pressure returned to normal level and vaginal bleeding disappeared. Even though this case is very rare, when hypertension coincides with virilization or feminization, a renin-secreting ovarian steroid cell tumor, NOS, should be considered

Topics: Case Report
Publisher: The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences
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