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8-Hy­droxy-2-methyl­quinolinium tetra­chlorido(pyridine-2-carboxyl­ato-κ2 N,O)stannate(IV)

By Ezzatollah Najafi, Mostafa M. Amini and Seik Weng Ng


In the reaction of pyridine-2-carb­oxy­lic acid and stannic chloride in the presence of 2-methyl-8-hy­droxy­quinoline, the 2-methyl-8-hy­droxy­quinoline is protonated, yielding the title salt, (C10H10NO)[SnCl4(C6H4NO2)]. The SnIV atom in the anion is N,O-chelated by a pyridine-2-carboxyl­ate in a cis-SnNOCl4 octa­hedral geometry. The cation is linked to the anion by an O—H⋯O hydrogen bond

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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