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Appendices for automated theorem proving in Euler diagram systems

By Gem Stapleton, J. Masthoff, J. Flower, Andrew Fish and J. Southern


This report is a series of appendices to accompany the paper Automated Theorem Proving in Euler Diagram Systems. Here we include some details omitted from that paper and some additional discussions that may be of interest. In appendix A, we give an overview of the A* search algorithm in the context of theorem proving. We establish the expressiveness of Euler diagrams in appendix B. A complete worked example showing how to calculate the restrictive heuristic is given in appendix C. The proofs of the three theorems given in the paper are included in appendix D. The notion of clutter in Euler diagrams and how our tactics steer Edith towards proofs containing diagrams with low `clutter scores' is covered in appendix E. Details on how we generated proof tasks to evaluate Edith are given in appendix F. Finally, much of our evaluation is presented in appendix G, although the main results are included in the paper

Topics: G100 Mathematics
Publisher: University of Brighton
Year: 2006
OAI identifier:

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