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Chikungunya Virus and Central Nervous System Infections in Children, India

By Penny Lewthwaite, Ravi Vasanthapuram, Jane C. Osborne, Ashia Begum, Jenna L.M. Plank, M. Veera Shankar, Roger Hewson, Anita Desai, Nick J. Beeching, Ravi Ravikumar and Tom Solomon


Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-borne alphavirus best known for causing fever, rash, arthralgia, and occasional neurologic disease. By using real-time reverse transcription–PCR, we detected CHIKV in plasma samples of 8 (14%) of 58 children with suspected central nervous system infection in Bellary, India. CHIKV was also detected in the cerebrospinal fluid of 3 children

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Publisher: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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