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Comparison of analyses of the QTLMAS XII common dataset. II: genome-wide association and fine mapping

By Lucy Crooks, Goutam Sahana, Dirk-Jan de Koning, Mogens Sandø Lund and Örjan Carlborg


As part of the QTLMAS XII workshop, a simulated dataset was distributed and participants were invited to submit analyses of the data based on genome-wide association, fine mapping and genomic selection. We have evaluated the findings from the groups that reported fine mapping and genome-wide association (GWA) efforts to map quantitative trait loci (QTL). Generally the power to detect QTL was high and the Type 1 error was low. Estimates of QTL locations were generally very accurate. Some methods were much better than others at estimating QTL effects, and with some the accuracy depended on simulated effect size or minor allele frequency. There were also indications of bias in the effect estimates. No epistasis was simulated, but the two studies that included searches for epistasis reported several interacting loci, indicating a problem with controlling the Type I error rate in these analyses. Although this study is based on a single dataset, it indicates that there is a need to improve fine mapping and GWA methods with respect to estimation of genetic effects, appropriate choice of significance thresholds and analysis of epistasis

Topics: Overview - Dataset Comparison II
Publisher: BioMed Central
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