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Dicarboxylic Amino Acid Influx across Brush Border of Rabbit Ileum : Effects of amino acid charge on the sodium-amino acid interaction

By Stanley G. Schultz, Lorna Yu-Tu, Osvaldo O. Alvarez and Peter F. Curran


Glutamate and aspartate influxes across the brush border of rabbit intestine are saturable processes that are subject to competitive inhibition and are markedly influenced by the Na concentration in the mucosal solution. Lowering the Na concentration increases the amino acid concentration needed to elicit a half-maximal influx but does not significantly affect the maximal influx. The interaction between Na and anionic amino acid influx can be described by the same kinetic model that has been applied to the influxes of neutral amino acids and lysine. Comparison of the kinetic parameters for anionic, neutral, and cationic amino acids suggests that amino acid charge influences (a) the stability of the binary (amino acid-site) complex and (b) the affinity of this binary complex for the subsequent binding of Na. A mechanistic interpretation of these interactions is proposed

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Publisher: The Rockefeller University Press
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