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Osmotic Volume Flow in the Proximal Tubule of Necturus Kidney

By Carl J. Bentzel, Martin Davies, Walter N. Scott, Marvin Zatzman and A. K. Solomon


Volume changes due to osmotic flow in the distal portion of proximal tubules of Necturi were measured by the split oil drop technique. In agreement with previous findings no volume flow was induced by NaCl concentrations close to 60 mM. The tubule wall was found to be permeable to plasma electrolytes, which have an apparent reflection coefficient of 0.69. The mean apparent hydraulic conductivity was 0.33 x 10-11 cm3/dyne sec, comparable with other epithelia. A number of lipid-insoluble nonelectrolytes of widely varying molecular size had apparent reflection coefficients of about 0.5. In view of the insensitivity to molecular size it seems likely that apparent reflection coefficients determined from tubular volume changes depend primarily on the porosity of the intercellular barrier closest to the lumen and give little information about the subsequent fate of the test substances

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